How To Get Thieves Guild Armor In Skyrim

You can get the Thieves Guild armor set via different methods in Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim and this guide will explain just how to do that.

Thieves Guild Armor is the best lightweight armor worn by the members of Thieves Guild in Skyrim. This armor includes enchanted boots, gloves, and a hood. This armor gives more defense than Elven or Scaled Armor.

This guide explains three methods of obtaining the armor along with the armor console command, stats, and mods.

Join the Thieves Guilds

Tonilia gives Thieves Guild Armor in Skyrim

The first method involves joining the Thieves Guild in Skyrim and advancing the questline until you meet Tonilia in Riften. All you need to do is complete her “Loud and Clear” non-combat quest and she will hand over the armor set as a reward

Loot it from Ragged Flagon

Ragged Flagon interior

From Riften, find the Ratway tunnels and clear them out till you reach the Ragged Flagon. You will come across this place as part of the Skyrim main quest as well. Advance the guild’s questline until you gain access to the housing area with lots of beds and you can then loot a complete set of Thieves Guild Armor found on the tables and cupboards in the Training Room area. If you look around the beds, you can find a hood, gloves, and a pair of boots.

After completing the “Under New Management” quest, you will get an upgraded Guild Master’s Armor with improved stats.

How to Find It Without Joining the Guild

There is a way in which you can get this fantastic armor without joining the Thieves Guild in Skyrim. But the armor you get in this way will be marked as stolen. If the guards catch you, they will remove the armor as you don’t get it through the fair-trade method.

But still, we will guide you on how to get this armor without joining the Guild. You will need three things to get the armor, which are given below.

  • Whirlwind Sprint x2
  • Platter x2
  • Invisibility Portion (optional)

Take out the platter and hold the interact key to suspend it in the air in front of you. Walk towards the fake wardrobe that grants access to the training area and use whirlwind sprint when you are standing facing the wardrobe door. You can also use a regular sprint instead but make sure you have the platter suspended in front of you. This will enable you to clip through the walls and appear on the other side.

Once you are inside, consume the Potion of Enduring Invisibility, walk towards the chambers with beds in the front, and retrieve the gloves, hat, boots, and armor from the left corner.

thieves guild armor gloves location

Be cautious, as some items are tagged as stolen; if arrested, you may lose them and cannot recover them.

Thieves Guild Armor Console Command

If you are a PC user, you can receive the armor piece by entering the following command.

player.additem <itemid> <amount>

The item ID is different for each armor piece, which you can see below.

Armor PieceItem ID
Thieves Guild Armor000D3AC3
Thieves Guild Boots000D3AC2
Thieves Guild Gloves000D3AC4
Thieves Guild Hood000D3AC5

Base Stats for Thieves Guild Armor Sets

The base stats of the Thieves Guild Armor sets are:

Armor PieceArmorWeightValueID
Thieves Guild Armor297665000D3AC3
Thieves Guild Gloves91222000D3AC4
Thieves Guild Boots91.5241000D3AC2
Thieves Guild Hood131.5551000D3AC5

Thieves Guild Armor Mods

The first mod we recommend to you is, frankly HD thieves guild armor. This mod will give you utterly re-textured armor in up to 4K resolution. You can get all variants of the armor with this mod.

The other mod we would like you to use is the thieves guild master armor replacer. It is a pretty simple mod that will replace the standard thieves guild master armor with a great-looking one.

You can also try out another black thieves guild armor mod. You will get an upscaled armor texture and new things like a belt buckle and a realistic leather look.

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