Skyrim: Best Armor And Weapons For Stealth And Sneaking

We hear that you need to be the ultimate assassin in Skyrim?

Using Stealth in Skyrim can be quite rewarding. Stealth Archer is one of the most powerful builds in the game. Stealth and Sneakiness are not limited to Archers, as you can pair them well with melee builds. However, to realize the full potential of Stealth builds in Skyrim, you will need the best armor, weapons, and the right skills and perks. Stealth Armor sets and pieces are known to be the quietest in Skyrim hence popular for Stealth and Assassin builds.

Now, if you are confused about what armor and weapons you should have and equip in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim for stealth and sneak, we have shortlisted some of the most popular and effective items for you.

The Gray Cowl

The Gray Cowl is an iconic cowl that was added to Skyrim as part of the Creation Club update. This cowl increases the sneak skill by 25%, and increases carry weight by 50 points. An additional ability of this Cowl is that players are able to see all living things around the area. One downside is that all enemies immediately become hostile.

To obtain The Gray Cowl, players have to complete “The Gray Cowl Returns” quest. The quest is available if you have the Creation Club update installed.

Shrouded Glove Wraps

Shrouded glove wraps are a unique set of gloves. What makes these gloves worthy of being on this list is the fact that they amp up your one-handed sneak attacks to deal double damage. Perfect for a Stealth build, these can be obtained at any level through the game.

You can find a set of Shrouded Gloves in the Dark Brotherhood Sanctuary when you first speak to Astrid.

Predator’s Grace

Predator’s Grace is armor boots in Skyrim. These boots have two effects that come into play. One is that they increase the player’s muffle effect, and the other is that the player’s stamina regeneration is increased by 1%. It is not that much, but it is still better than most boots in Skyrim.

Predator’s Grace boots can be found in “Deepwood Vale,” which is located to the west of Solitude.

Bow of Shadows

Bow of Shadows is one of the top picks for players if they want to become a stealth-based player in Skyrim. This bow was added to the game as part of the Creation Club update and has been an eye-catcher ever since. This bow can make the wielder invisible upon being drawn. That is technically the main aim of assassins: to be invisible. The bow also has a faster drawing time than normal bows.

Bow of Shadows can be earned as a reward for completing the quest “In The Shadows” given to you by Proventus Avenicci, the steward to Jarl Balgruuf.

Daedric Dagger

The Daedric Weapons are a very formidable and stealth favorite weapon for players. This weapon can be enchanted to grant a further increase in its capabilities. One downside of this weapon is that it can be available at a certain level. This dagger is added to this list because it is one of the most lethal base weapons in the game.

To get the Daedric dagger, you can find it in some random loot once you reach level 46. Its enchanted version appears after level 47.

Shrouded Armor Set

shrouded armor

The shrouded Armor set is one the most used armor sets in Skyrim for players that prefer light armor along with stealth boosts. This armor set grants the player with various buffs from each item of the set. The Armor gives players poison resistance by 50%. The boots grant players with increased muffle. The cowl increases bow damage by 20% and the gloves grant players with double damage from behind.

Players can get the shrouded armor set by joining the “Dark Brotherhood.”

Krosis Mask

krosis mask skyrim

Krosis Mask is a good piece of armor to have in your inventory. While it has no direct boost for stealth, the Krosis mask increases the player’s lockpicking skill by 20% and archery skill by 20% which are some of the traits of an assassin.

Krosis Mask can be obtained by killing the Dragon Priest Krosis at the dragon lair “Shearpoint.”

Nightweavers Band

The Nightweaver Band can be considered as every assassin’s favorite ring. This ring grants players an increase in their sneak skill by 10% and also increases players’ destruction skill by 10%. So if you are an assassin who uses magic as well, this is the ring for you.

The Nightweaver Band can be obtained as a reward for completing the quest “Recipe for Disaster” from the Dark Brotherhood Guild.

Blade of Woe

Blade of Woe is better than Daedric Dagger in certain ways. It has a higher base damage and also grants the ability of health absorption of the enemy by 10% when struck with this blade.

Blade of Woe can be obtained by completing the quest “Death Incarnate.”

Dragonscale Armor

Dragonscale Armor Chest

The Dragonscale Armor set is the light armor set from the Dragon Armors available in Skyrim. This is considered to be the best armor set in terms of buffs and weight. The total rating of armor of the Dragonscale Armor set is 111 with the shield and 82 without the shield. This armor set gives players the option to apply enchantments of desired abilities. Some of the best enchantments to go for with the Dragonscale Armor set are Fortify Sneak, Fortify Archery, Fortify Magic Resistance, Fortify Light Armor, and Muffle to name a few.

Dragonscale Armor can be crafted when players have the Dragon Armor perk unlocked at Smithing Level 100.

Ancient Shrouded Armor

ancient shrouded armor skyrim

One of the best Thief and Assassin armor sets in Skyrim, the Ancient Shrouded Armor set, cannot be overlooked. The buffs you get for wearing the whole armor set make you a complete assassin. When the complete set is worn, you are given a +25 in your armor rating. Along with the individual buffs of Poison resistance by 100%, an increase in Muffle by 0.5 points, Bow damage increased by 35%, and one-handed sneak attacks deal double damage.

To get your hands on this armor set, complete the “Locate the Assassin of Old” quest given by Olava the Feeble.

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