How to Get Morag Tong Armor in Skyrim

In this guide, we will discuss in detail everything players need to know about Morag Tong Armor in Skyrim.

Morag Tong armor is a less potent version of the Chitin armor you’ll come across in The Skyrim Dragonborn DLC. The armor is dark and not as valuable as Chitin’s armor. This armor is frequently used by Morag Tong members on Solstheim.

In this guide, we will discuss in detail everything players need to know about Morag Tong Armor in Skyrim. This guide will be helpful for players as it will brief players about what are the uses of this armor and how it can be equipped.

How to craft Morag Tong armor in Skyrim?

The pieces of this armor benefit from the Advanced Armors merit, which doubles the improvement and can be improved with a piece of leather on a workbench. There are two variations of the Morag Tong Armor. One of the versions is Missile and the other is melee weapons.

Both variations have a 20-second vampiric Embrace of Shadows-like invisibility spell that they can use to flee if their health gets too low, as well as a 30-point Fortify Sneak spell. Fast Healing can also be cast by the melee version.

Chitin, leather, and other materials taken from animals are used to create Morag Tong armor. They create a very clear outline for the murderer. The weapons frequently have a crescent shape.


Below are some stats about all the pieces included in Morag Tong Armors.

Item Gold Armor Encumbrance
Armor 150 26 5
Boots 35 8 2
Bracers 25 7 2
Hoods 2 12 1.5


The invisibility feature of this armor is its best application. Assassins from the Morag Tong group prefer to employ dual-wielded daggers close to the target and bows farther away. They will cast invisibility when their health is low and then try to escape battle.

How to equip Morag Tong armor?

Since the Morag Tong people are the only ones who can wear this armor, players must first join this tribe to use it. To join the Morag Tong, one must locate the Grandmaster, who is customarily hidden somewhere in Vivec.

If you want to wear Morag Tong Armor, devote all of your efforts to finishing the quest after you are recruited by Vendil Ulen to assist him. His major scheme is to assassinate Councilor Lleril Morvayn.

One to three assassins may assault you in Solstheim once the quest is finished if you are a member of the Dark Brotherhood. One of the assassins will be carrying a note.

This note will have a message for the player in which it will be describing the reason why Morag Tong wants to kill the players. Additionally, he will be donning the Morag Tong Armor. You must defeat him to finally wear the armor.

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