How To Knock The Dragon Out Of The Sky In Wyrmway In Baldur’s Gate 3

Ansur is a tough boss in Baldur's Gate 3 but earning the Crash Landing achievement by knocking the dragon out of the sky is even tougher.

Ansur is one of the only two dragons you fight in Baldur’s Gate 3 and is arguably one of the toughest boss fights in the game. While defeating Ansur shouldn’t be a problem if you are well prepared beforehand, there is actually even an achievement you can earn during this fight. For the achievement hunters out there, Baldur’s Gate 3 requires you to knock Ansur the dragon out of the sky when it is mid-flight in the Wyrmway area.

How to unlock Baldur’s Gate 3 Crash Landing achievement

As mentioned earlier, if you manage to kill and knock Ansur out of the sky in the Wyrmway area of Baldur’s Gate 3, you can earn yourself the Crash Landing achievement. However, knocking the dragon out of the sky in BG3 is easier said than done as it requires very precise timing.

As you already know, Wyrmway can be accessed through the Wyrm Rock Prison. Once in the area, you need to complete the Wyrmway Chamber Trials which will eventually spawn the undead dragon Ansur.

Chamber of Justice

Cast a spell such as Remove Curse or Greater Restoration at the judge to remove the shadows from all the paintings. Alternatively, you could cast the spell on the shadowy paintings individually but that is a bit tedious. In any event, you want the painting called ‘The Cell’

Once obtained, insert the painting into the ‘Empty Niche’. Doing so will clear the trial of Justice.

Chamber of Insight

There are 3 possible suspects at the end of this chamber, and you need to kill the appropriate one. As you make your way to them, multiple book-type creatures will be floating throughout the chamber on your path.


Catching them can be tricky however if you have the ‘Hold Monster’ spell, you can use it to get them to stop and then read the books. In them, you will find hints detailing which apparition you ought to kill. If you don’t want to bother piecing the hints together, then the one you need to kill to complete the puzzle is Suelto.

Chamber of Strategy

Baldurs's Gate 3 Wyrmway Trials

Win the game by checkmating the black king in typical chess fashion. Alternatively, on account of the black king’s poor Lightning resistance, simply hit him with any strong lightning spell (e.g., Chain Lightning) to complete the Chamber of Strategy puzzle. Make sure the spell can kill him in one go though or he will end up getting healed.

Chamber of Courage

Take the torch from the statue to initiate the challenge. You will end up in a fight against some pesky elemental mobs. Simply stall and avoid dying for 4 turns while contending with the increasing enemies to clear the challenge.

How to knock Ansur the dragon out of the sky in Baldur’s Gate 3

When the battle begins, your goal is to quickly beat Ansur within an inch of his life but not kill him. During a random turn, Ansur will fly and start channeling blue lightning with the message that reads: “The Waiting Storm is arisen”.

If you can kill Ansur, basically knocking the dragon out of the sky, during this delicate phase while he’s channeling the spell, you will be given the ‘Crash Landing’ achievement. There is no special trick or equipment involved to knock Ansur out of the sky in BG3. It is all about a massive amount of burst damage at the right time. So make sure you keep your high level spell slots ready for when you need to do the most damage to Ansur.

In case Ansur’s life is too low and he hasn’t yet begun channeling Blue Lightning, use your turns to either attack some of the other mobs present, or just keep defending until he does. Defeating Ansur will also get you the Balduran Helmet, a legendary piece of armor.

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