Baldurs Gate 3 Tactician Difficulty Guide

If you want to try Baldur's Gate 3 on the highest difficulty setting, opt for the Tactician difficulty.

When you haven’t decided what character to use for your campaign, the game will ask you to choose from 3 difficulties. The most challenging difficulty in Baldur’s Gate 3 is the Tactician Difficulty, in which AI will be highly tuned, and all odds will be against you in the campaign.

But don’t worry; I just came up with a complete guide on this difficulty setting and tips that can help you.

Tactician Difficulty Setting in Baldur’s Gate 3

The Tactician difficulty tests your strategic skills, which means your foes will get several advantages against you like increased HP and attack damage. Not only that, but the environment will also turn against you. You will face more roadblocks than ever before in any difficulty.

Here are some highlighted facts from the Tactician’s Difficulty in BG3:

  • The enemy HP will increase to 60% compared to Explorer difficulty and 30% to Balanced difficulty.
  • Your foes will get a 5% increased hit chance on attacks.
  • You have to use strategic skills like troop placements to win combats.
  • The environment will have roadblocks like more barrels on your path.

If you want to give up playing on the Tactician difficulty and want to change it, you can do it by going into the menu and changing it from there.

Tips for playing on Tactician difficulty

Here are some tips you can use to beat Baldur’s Gate 3 on Tactician Difficulty:


Use Elevation to your advantage

It sounds like a simple tip, but it is beneficial as it is an excellent strategic move. Having an elevated position during combat can save you from many enemy attacks, and you will have a greater chance of hitting the enemy from above.

Have a good party

In Baldur’s Gate 3, some classes are superior to others due to their skills and abilities.

It would be best to last longer in every combat to be victorious in tactician difficulty. Therefore, you should opt for classes with good damage and healing abilities. Having them in front of your party will make a huge difference in combat.

Have a good rest

After a fight, you should rest longer in a camp. It will require you to have abundant camp supplies. Resting longer will heal your party and charge your spells and abilities to use in upcoming combats.

Use buffs before combat

Some buffs in BG3 will last until you long rest in BG3. Such buffs can be activated before a combat to utilize it fully. An example is the Mage Armor, which increases AC during combat.

Use the element of Surprise

This is important as sneaking and attacking an enemy from behind will cause them to lose their first move. This surprise attack will be a great tactical move in Baldur’s Gate 3 Tactician difficulty.

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