Baldur’s Gate 3 Most Fun Build to Play

Combine the best traits to create the best multiclass build that is fun to play in Baldur's Gate 3.

The Shadow Monk Rogue Thief build in BG3 is a multiclass build. It is considered one of the most fun builds to play in Baldur’s Gate 3. What makes it unique is that we are fusing the mobility and survivability of the Monk class with the Flexibility and Sneak Attack skills of the Rogue class.

This results in you creating a build that can avoid getting damaged using your mobility and using high burst damage to kill enemies. It is by no means a front-liner build. But that is the point since you are supposed to be taking out enemies before they get a chance to act.

Starting Abilities and Skills for Most Fun Build in BG3

The first step in creating the Most Fun Build in Baldur’s Gate 3 starts with character creation. Choosing the best race, skills, and abilities will enhance the overall quality of the build. Also, it will provide additional bonuses to it as well.


Perhaps the best Race for the most Fun Build in Baldur’s Gate 3 will be Duergar. This is a subrace of the Dwarf that provides you with features such as Superior Darkvision and Duergar Resilience.

Using Superior Darkvision helps you see in the dark while Duergar Resilience provides a Saving Throw Advantage over Paralysis. Atop of that, the Duergar subrace consists of the Psionic Fortitude Trait that increases your ability scores.

Ability Point Distribution

When creating this build, your focus should be to distribute your ability according to the chart given below:

Fun Build Ability Point Distribution table

The Monk class focuses primarily on Dexterity and Wisdom as its key attributes. Therefore, start by investing the Ability points into those two categories before shifting your focus to the Rogue class. The Rogue class in Baldur’s Gate 3 primarily scales with Dexterity and Intelligence.


Skills play a massive role in making the multiclass builds fun. Therefore, you can choose skill proficiencies in Acrobatics, Athletics, and Sleight of Hand. Using Acrobatics, you will have a bonus on Dexterity-related checks.

Although Athletics is a strength-based skill, it will be a suitable choice for this multiclass build since it allows you to Jump across large distances with ease. Lastly, Sleight of Hand will allow you to hone in on that Rogue side and get bonuses toward lockpicking and pickpocketing in BG3.

Best Background

There are 12 backgrounds in Baldur’s Gate 3, each having its Proficiency in certain skills. The most fun part about this feature is that they are not class or race-exclusive. This means that if you are creating the most Fun Build in Baldur’s Gate 3, they will not restrict you from choosing different Backgrounds. Below are the Best Backgrounds in BG3 to make the most fun build to play


Acolyte is a devoted Background in Baldur’s Gate 3. It belongs to the Temple of Worship and Sacrifice. This background can surely add flavor to your build, especially considering how it possesses insight and Religion as its key skill proficiencies in Bg3.


While Acolyte is used for adding a bit of backstory to your build, Charlatan, on the other hand, solely helps you lockpicking. This background comes to your aid in critical situations such as unlocking doors to Dungeons such as Dank Crypt in BG3.

It provides Deception and Sleight of Hand as its primary skill proficiencies. Therefore, if you are looking forward to lockpicking any doors, this is the best background for you.

Best Feats for Most Fun Build In Baldur’s Gate 3

Feats are unique features that provide active and passive skills to your Baldur’s Gate 3 class. Feats are used when Background and Class cannot satisfy your desire to acquire certain skills. Each class has its level of Feats in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Each class receives its first Feat selection at level 4, which then progresses to level 12 after 4 levels each. Below we have arranged the best Feats for the Most Fun Build Baldur’s Gate 3.

Monk: Mobile

Mobile is a level 4 feat that you can use to gain additional movement speed. On top of that, you will not find it hard to dash when you come across a terrain. It allows you to Evade Opportunity Attacks after you have performed a melee attack.

Rogue: Tough

Tough is arguably one of the most overpowered feats in Baldur’s Gate 3. Using this feat, you can gain an additional 2 HP on each level, which stacks up to 20. This will add to the survivability of the most fun build In Baldur’s Gate 3.

Best Alternatives for Most Fun Build in BG3

Spells are your ticket to easy gameplay in Baldur’s Gate 3. Each spell has a unique effect that provides the caster with additional perks. These perks range from advantages in Dice Rolls to dealing with various types of Damage to the target.

These are the best spell choices for the most fun build in BG3.

  • Pass Without a Trace: Pass Without a Trace is a level 2 spell in Baldur’s Gate 3. This spell provides a decent AOE Stealth to you and your team members.
  • Darkness: This is a level 2 spell that is used for blinding each creature that comes inside the dark cloud. It is best for granting Monks cover and preventing enemies from performing ranged attacks. However, they can perform AOE damage to an extent.
  • Silence: Another Level 2 spell creates a sound-proof bubble that prevents you from dealing with Thunder Damage. Plus, it prevents characters from casting spells in the radius.

Best armor and weapons

Your gear determines whether you can survive against high-level competition in Bg3. Having the best weapon and armor equipped is a priority task when creating a build. Therefore, choose weapons corresponding to your class and wear armor that does not lower your movement speed.

Here is a list of the best armor and weapons for this multiclass fun build in Baldur’s Gate 3:


You not only require a precise offensive tactic in battle, but your defensive abilities should also be on point in Baldur’s Gate 3. Therefore, suitable armor can do wonders when enduring damage from hard-hitting attacks. For the Shadow Monk Rogue build in BG3, your priority is to go for Light Amor.

  • Wapira’s Crown (Helm)
  • The Graceful Cloth (Chest)
  • The Sparkle Hands (Gloves)
  • Sentient Amulet (Accessory)
  • Ring of Regeneration (Ring 1)
  • Shapeshifter’s Boon Ring (Ring 2)


The weapon choice for the Shadow Monk Rogue build in BG3 will be a short sword. It deals piercing damage

  • Short Sword
  • Sword of Life Stealing
  • Steelforged Sword
  • Corellon’s Grace

Most Fun Build Build Level Progression In Baldur’s Gate 3

In Baldur’s Gate 3, each class consists of a level progression that starts at level 1 and completes its progression at level 12. During this progression, you can select your class skills, feats, and subclasses to make the most fun build in BG3.

Below, we have divided the level progression of this multiclass build in both Monk and Rogue classes, respectively. Monk will progress till level 6 before you build traditions into Rogue for the following 6 levels to progress further.


  • Level 1: Level 1 is the first stage of the Shadow Monk Rogue Thief build in Baldur’s Gate 3. For simplicity, you will select the Drow race and the class as Monk. Additionally, you must choose Acolyte as the primary Background for skills such as Insight and Religion.
  • Level 2: Continue with Monk and receive the Unarmoured Movement Class Feature, Patient Defence Action, Step of the Wind Dash Action, and lastly, the Step of the Wind Disengage Action.
  • Level 3: Once you get to level 3, this is where you must select the Way of Shadow which is a subclass of Monk in Baldur’s Gate 3.
  • Level 4: You will unlock feats at level 4. Therefore, Select Mobile/Tavern Brawler. You can invest in Dexterity here to use these to the fullest.
  • Level 5: This is the level where the Monk Skyrockets. You are given Actions such as Stunning Strike, Stunning Strike (Unarmed), Cloak of Shadows (Class Action)
  • Level 6: Here you take full advantage of the Shadowstep Jump you are given.


  • Level 1: You must shift your focus to the Rogue class. You will get access to Sneak Attack Action (Melee/Ranged). Thus, dealing additional damage.
  • Level 2: Next up you will gain access to the Cunning Actions. Which include Hide, Dash, and Disengage. However, they don’t cost any resources thus making them a valuable asset for this build.
  • Level 3: Level 3 is where you must select the Thief subclass. The reason for the selection is simple. It provides you with Fast Hands. Therefore, you gain additional bonus actions.
  • Level 4: You will unlock Feats on this level. You can use Ritual Caster to cast ritual spells.
  • Level 5: Furthermore, at level 5, your main focus is to get the Uncanny Dodge class feature. Using it will grant you minimum damage to attacks.
  • Level 6: This is the final level of this build. Therefore, select skills such as Arcana and Stealth.

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