How To Heal Your Party In Baldur’s Gate 3

Be a bro and help your companions by keeping their HP tiptop in Baldur's Gate 3.

Baldur’s Gate 3 offers many difficult combat challenges, which you can survive by using good strategy and healing your party members. You also need to keep your companions healed during exploration, as you don’t know when and where your next encounter will be.

The question is, how do you heal in Baldur’s Gate 3? There are multiple ways to achieve this, ranging from using different spells to consuming a health-restoring potion. We have mentioned how you can heal inside and outside combat.

Healing by consuming Potions

Potions are the best and fastest way to heal your companions. You can find healing potions in treasure chests or containers. You can also obtain them from dead bodies, craft them via the alchemy menu after learning their recipes, or purchase them from most of the game’s merchants.

There are three variants of healing potions available in the game. Each potion restores a different amount of health for one party member. It can be used inside or outside combat but consumes one action during combat.

  1. Potion of Healing (restores 4~10 HP)
  1. Potion of Greater Healing (restores 8~20 HP)
  1. Potion of Superior Healing (restores 16~40 HP)

Heal through Spells

Some classes can cast several healing spells. These spells heal a portion of your health. Some restore a little health, while others give you a big chunk of recovery. Both your character and your party members can cast healing spells. For example, Shadowheart is a cleric with access to healing spells. You may use her if your chosen class cannot cast healing spells.

Healing Spells can also be used both inside and outside combat. However, a healing spell will cost you a spell slot (in both cases) and one action (combat only). The different spells that heal you in Baldur’s Gate 3 are as follows

  1. Mass Restoration: Heal all allies for 1d4 + 4 HP and can be used by Clerics and Bards.
  1. Cure Wounds: This ability can only heal a single target for 1d8 + 4 HP. Most spellcaster classes can use it.
  1. Goodberry: This spell summons goodberries that can be consumed to restore 1d4 HP per usage. It is best used outside combat. The Druid and Ranger classes can use this spell.
  1. Aid: This level 2 Abjuration spell heals the user creature for 10 HP and grants them an additional 10 temporary hit points. Wizards can use it or by equipping Absolute’s Talisman.
  1. Healing Radiance: This is a spell specific to the Paladin class. It heals the caster and nearby allies for the caster’s level + their spell-casting proficiency + charisma skill modifier.
  1. Lay on Hands: Another Paladin spell that heals any creature for 4 HP and removes all diseases and poisons.
  1. Prayer of Healing: A cleric-specific spell that can only be used outside combat. It heals the caster and the nearby allies for 6~20 HP (at level 2).
  1. Second Wind: This Fighter-specific spell heals the caster for 3~12 HP by consuming their stamina.

Heal by taking Rest 

In our opinion, rest is the best way to heal. However, rest can only be done outside of combat and in non-hostile areas. There are three types of rest in Baldur’s Gate 3, and each heals differently. 

  1. Short Rest: You can take this rest without going to camp; it heals half the HP of every party member. It also restores some specific class features, like spell slots for Warlocks. It can only be used twice per long rest.
  1. Long Rest: This requires 40 camp supplies and progresses the day. It fully restores all party members and their spell slots/class features and can be used indefinitely.
  1. Partial Rest: This progresses the day and only heals half the HP of each party member. It partially restores spell slots and doesn’t give you short rest slots. It can be used indefinitely.

Using Bonus Actions to Heal

Some characters in Baldur’s Gate 3 can use bonus actions to heal. These bonus actions are slightly different from your regular actions. Some classes, such as the Fighter, allow you to heal to a certain degree. The fighters can use the Second Wind bonus to recover a small percentage of hit points and heal themselves. 

They can also use Rally action to grant their allies temporary hit points. 

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