Baldur’s Gate 3 Rogue Class Guide

The Rogue is the perfect class for players who prefer to be sneaky in Baldur's Gate 3 and deal burst damage to their enemies.

Rogues are the ultimate sneaky types who are born to eliminate their targets without letting the target know of their presence in Baldur’s Gate 3. They are experts at stealth and make excellent thieves and assassins. Their ability to deceive their opponents and uncanny reflexes gives them an edge on the battlefield.  

You can choose feats and subclasses later in the game to further hone your abilities and skills and make you swift as the wind.

Rogue hit points 

Every class in Baldur’s Gate has its hit dice, which give different hit points to the player playing with that class. The rogue class has the hit dice 1d8 which puts them on the squishier end of things. At the starting level 1, you will get eight hit points plus the bonus from your Constitution Modifier.

With each level after that, you will get five hit points with each passing level plus the bonus from the constitution modifier.  

Rogue class actions 

The rogue class has two standard class actions that suits their role as the high burst damage dealer of the party: 

Sneak Attack (Melee) 

With this action, you can take advantage of your foes’ unawareness and sneakily approach and deal them a deadly blow. In order to perform this attack, you should be holding a melee weapon in your main hand. You should also have an advantage against the target and should not have a disadvantage. In this action, you will be able to deal 1d6 damage. The damage increases as you increase the level per every odd level.  


Your target must be within 1.5 meters from you. You can perform once per turn at a time because it needs to recharge after every usage. 

Sneak Attack (Ranged) 

This is the ranged attack version of the sneak attack and involves sneakily attack at your enemy from a safe distance. Since it is a ranged attack, you should have a ranged weapon in your main hand. In order to perform this attack, your target must be within an 18m radius of you.

Like a melee sneak attack, a ranged sneak attack also needs to be charged after every turn. When using this action, make sure your target is not 1.5m near another enemy.

Rogue class fighting style

Unfortunately, Rogue does not have a fighting style in Baldur’s Gate 3, but you can try to bypass this by selecting the right feat at level 4.

Rogue class proficiencies 

Rogue is a versatile class in Baldur’s Gate 3, but in the armor’s case, you can only wield light armor. It allows you to move freely, and efficiently, and sneak around.  

Furthermore, the Rogue class is proficient in certain weapons, which include simple weapons, hand crossbows, longswords, rapiers, and shortswords.

As for the saving throws, the rogue class has proficiency in Dexterity and Intelligence. Lastly, you have to choose four skills from the list as your skill proficiency. This list includes Acrobatics, Athletics, Deception, Insight, Intimidation, Investigation, Perception, Performance, Persuasion, Sleight of Hand, and Stealth.  

These skills help the rogue class become the perfect hunter and allowing to sneak past the enemies or silently kill them. Choose your skills wisely so that they perfectly match your fighting style.  

Rogue Subclasses 

If you are playing with the rogue class, you will have to choose one subclass from a total of 3 subclasses after you reach level 3 of the rogue class. These three subclasses have unique features, abilities, and skills which help you win every battle if you use their features wisely.  


Thief is one of the subclasses that is available after you reach level 4 of the rogue class. A thief specializes in getting anything you want, whether in the hidden ruins or a secret dungeon. In this subclass, you can easily sneak past foes or attack them silently.  

The Thief has unique features which include Fast Hands and Second-Story Work. Fast Hands allows you to gain an additional bonus when you perform an action.  

With Second-story work, you do not have to worry about getting hurt when you fall from a certain height. It reduces your falling damage by a significant amount.  

Arcane Trickster 

As the name suggests, with the Arcane Trickster class and build, you will be able to trick your opponents using arcane arts. Tricksters allow you to make illusions and spells, which enables you to trick your opponents. You can either use these illusions and spells to perform surprise attacks. You can also sneak past them after diverting their attention.  

Furthermore, you also gain the Mage Hand spells, which allow you to move any objects and use two cantrips from the list.  

Cantrips are low-level spells that don’t require a spell slot to cast. Later in the game, you will gain Mage Hand Legerdemain which makes your Magic hand invisible and allows you to perform other actions simultaneously.  


The third and final subclass is Rogue Assassin. Assassins are the best at finishing off their opponent. The Assassin comes with a set of unique features which helps them to kill their opponent more efficiently.  

With the Assassin Initiative, you will be able to gain an advantage against enemies that haven’t had their turn yet. This will allow you to Sneak Attacks and take them out quickly. With the second feature (Ambush), your surprise attack rolls turn into critical attacks that are enough to finish or deal heavy damage

The last feature involves you getting an advantage from the start of the combat. With Assassin’s Alacrity, your bonus actions and actions will immediately restore as your start fighting. 

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