Baldur’s Gate 3 Rescue The Trapped Man Walkthrough

Rescue the Trapped Man in Baldur's Gate 3 is about rescuing a man who is trapped in a burning building in Waukeen's Rest

Rescue the Trapped Man is an optional quest available during the Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3. The location of the quest can be found in the Risen Road at the Waukeen’s Rest. This quest of Rescue the Trapped Man is about finding a man in a burning building. He is stuck and can’t get out by himself. You need to rescue him to a safe place and then look for his wife in the next building where you will find her dead body. You use Spell Speak with dead to know what has happened to her and she asks you to find her sister’s dowry in the barn.

How to complete Rescue the Trapped Man in Baldur’s Gate 3

To complete Baldur’s Gate 3 Rescue the Trapped Man quest, there are a few objectives which are needed to be done. These objectives are described and mentioned below.

Free the trapped man

You need to make your inside the building of Waukeen’s Rest to rescue Benryn. Enter the building and move to the first floor where you can find him. Find a door to open the room where the man is trapped.

You must break that door with your melee attacks. The building is set on fire, so it is recommended to use your spell of Create Water or throw a water bottle from inventory to not get caught in the fire.

Do keep in mind that once you break open the door, there will be a fiery blast outwards that can damage or even kill you. So for the last hit, we would recommend a ranged attack. Alternatively, you can also go to the upper floor from the outside and the other door of the room, the one that leads to the balcony. Breaking open this door will prevent any explosion. Both you and Benryn will be safe.

Get Benryn to safety

Once you open the door, rescue Benryn and bring him out of the building to a safe location and have a conversation with him in which you get to know that he needs help to save her wife named Miri.


Miri is available in the next building in the west on the second floor. Make your way to the second floor, you will find a window there through which you have to reach the room.

As you reach inside the room, you will find Miri dead on the floor. To get to know what has happened to her, you need to use the spell of Speak with Dead. This spell allows you to speak with the people who are dead. Once you use the spell, she will be able to speak, and she wants you to acquire her sister’s dowry which you can find in the barn.

Find the dowry

Exit from this building and you must go towards the west from Waukeen’s Rest. You need to continue that path that will lead you to barns. You will find these barns burning for which you have to use water spell. Once the fire has gone, you can open the barn and locate Haystack in it. You need to have an interaction with the haystack which will give you a chest containing Miri’s sister Dowry ring.

Go back to Benryn to tell him that her wife’s body is on the second floor. Also, give him the dowry you have collected. He will make his way to her wife’s dead body, and you follow his footsteps.

Once you reach the second floor, you will have a conversation with Benryn again. With this, the quest of Rescue the Trapped Man comes to an end in BG3.

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