Baldur’s Gate 3: Rescue The Trapped Man Quest Guide

Race against the time to save the trapped man from burning to a crisp in Baldur's Gate 3.

Rescue the Trapped Man is an optional quest during Act 1 of Baldur’s Gate 3. Once you reach Waukeen’s Rest on the Risen Road, it can be obtained. This quest involves finding a man stuck in a burning building who can’t get out by himself. You need to rescue him and get him to a safe place.

This quest has a few unseen hurdles that can instantly kill you and your party. In this guide, we will help you easily Rescue the Trapped Man.

How to start Rescue the Trapped Man in Baldur’s Gate 3

Rescue the Trapped Man quest in Baldur’s Gate 3 can be obtained and started once you reach Waukeen’s Rest and see some Flaming Fist soldiers (X: -62, Y: 591) trying to open a locked door. Upon talking to them, they will ask for your assistance in removing the blockade and helping the man trapped inside the burning house.


The Flaming Fist soldiers think the Grand Duke is trapped inside.

You must pass a DC8 Strength check from the main gate to enter the burning house. The quest will be added to your journal as soon as you enter the house. This quest is time-sensitive. If you delay, the fire will spread and kill the trapped man. You can’t take a long rest once you start this quest, or you will fail.

Rescue Benryn from the Trap

The man trapped inside the burning house is on the first floor. From the main gate, go North to find the stairs. There is an ornate door to the right. Don’t open it, or there will be an explosion. Use ranged attacks to break the door.


While inside the house, use the Create Water spell or throw a bucket of water to avoid taking Fire damage.

Alternatively, you can also access the upper floor from the outside through the room’s other door, which leads to the balcony. Breaking this door will prevent an explosion, keeping you and Benryn safe.

Turn left, and you will notice Benryn pinned (X: -77, Y: 621) under some logs. You can pass a Strength or Intelligence check to free him from the trap. Ask Benryn to follow you. If you have the Create Water spell, you can return the way you came in. Otherwise, exit the building from the opposite side.

Find Miri

Once you open the door, bring Benryn out of the building to a safe location and talk with him. You will learn that he needs help saving his wife, Miri.

Miri is on the second floor of a building to the West. Make your way to the second floor, and you will find a window to enter the room (X: -85, Y: 586).

As you reach inside the room, you will find Miri dead on the floor. You must use the spell Speak with the Dead to discover what happened to her. Upon talking, Miri will want you to acquire her sister’s dowry, which you can find in the barn.

Locate the Dowry in Barn

Exit from this building, and you must go towards the west from Waukeen’s Rest. This area is full of flames, so you need some way to extinguish the fire. You must continue that path to barns (X: -92, Y: 616). Once you enter the barn, investigate the Haystack to the left to find the Gilded Chest. This chest contains the Dowry Ring.

Go back to Benryn to tell him that her wife’s body is on the second floor. Also, give him the dowry ring you have collected. He will make his way to her wife’s dead body, and you follow his footsteps.

Once you reach the second floor, you will talk to Benryn again. With this, the quest to Rescue the Trapped Man ends in Baldur’s Gate 3.

As handing over the ring to Benryn doesn’t give you any quest rewards, you can keep the Dowry Ring for yourself. However, this ring can be sold for 50 gold only. It is up to you how you want to proceed.

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