How To Get And Use Mirror Of Loss In Baldur’s Gate 3

Mirror of Loss in Baldur's Gate 3 lets you forget or enhance one of your memories from the given list with an expense of one of your stats.

Losing a bad memory is impossible, but Baldur’s Gate 3 has made it possible with The Mirror of Loss. You can forget or enhance your chosen memory by sacrificing the ability score of one of your stats. The trade can be beneficial for those wanting to improve their chosen stats. Finding and using a Mirror of Loss in BG3 is an easy process explained in detail below.

Mirror of Loss location in Baldur’s Gate 3

In BG3, you can find the Mirror of Loss in the Underdark Region. To unlock this region in BG3, you must first finish Act 1. After that, you must travel to the Temple of Shar, the Ancient Temple.

For that, you must first get to its door in the Thorn Mausoleum at coordinates (X: -118; Y: 112). This can easily be reached by going North from the Moonrise Towers close to the Underdark entrance.

After entering the Temple of Shar, you must find the Chamber of Loss. But remember that this will be locked, and you can only access it if you have a Threshold of Loss. Once you can access this item, you can head back into the Chamber of Loss to unlock it.

Inside the room located in the Chamber of Loss, you will find a locked stone door. The Baldur’s Gate 3 Mirror of Loss is beside the locked door. To access this door, you must donate 1000 Gold at the footsteps of Threshold of Loss.

Doing so will unlock the stone door inside the Chamber of Loss, and You can then locate the Mirror of Loss inside.


How to use Mirror of Loss

To use Baldur’s Gate 3 Mirror of Loss, you need to first interact with it. Here, you will be presented with a Religion Check. Passing this check will let you Pray to the Mirror. Praying to the Mirror of Loss is necessary to study it.

The function of Mirror of Loss in BG3 is that it lets you forget or enhance one of your memories from the given list. But all of this comes at an expense which can be one of your stats: Strength, Intelligence, and Wisdom.

The memory you will sacrifice will give you a -2 Ability Score in one Stats. Similarly, you can even out the score by reclaiming another memory. Doing so will provide you with a +2 in the Ability Score of another stat.

We will explain later which of the sacrificed memory will offset which of the stats. But first, we need to explain how you can complete this process in the BG3 Mirror of Loss.

Simply bow before the Mirror of Loss and pray by passing the religion check. After that, you will get a list of memories on your screen that you can lose for -2 in Ability Score.

Memories to Sacrifice

All of the memories available to sacrifice in BG3 Mirror of Loss are mentioned below:

  • -2 Strength: “Offer up memories of your strength – times when you triumphed, thanks to your raw power.”
  • -2 Dexterity: “Give up memories of your youth when your heart was carefree, and your limbs were nimble.”
  • -2 Constitution: “Relinquish memories of fortitude and well-being, when body and mind held fast against all challenges.”
  • -2 Intelligence: “Surrender valued knowledge gleaned from books, scrolls, and tablets… words that left a mark on your mind, but no more.”
  • -2 Wisdom: “Let go of some wisdom that time has bestowed upon you – old wounds, tough lessons, and fond memories alike.”
  • -2 Charisma: “Give away memories of when your charm stood to you – the applause of the swayed, the smiles of the beguiled, the kisses of the seduced.”
  • Deception: “You will not surrender any part of yourself. Invent a false offering to trick the mirror.”
  • Forbidden Knowledge: “Part with the Forbidden Knowledge from the Thayan Tomb.”

Memories to Strenghten

On the other hand, the list of memories that you can restore in BG3 Mirror of Loss for a +2 in the Ability Score of Stats is below:

  • +2 Strength: “Claim memories of strength from a long-dead general who marched under the banner of a vanished kingdom.”
  • +2 Dexterity: “Help yourself to the memories of a seasoned thief’s most daring exploits”.
  • +2 Constitution: “Seize the memories of a barbarian, whose mind and body were tempered against hardship.”
  • +2 Intelligence: “Glean the secrets of a wizard who once stalked the libraries of Candlekeep.”
  • +2 Wisdom: “Turn to the wisdom of a drow. Once of Lothe, then or Shar.”
  • +2 Charisma: “Warm to the guile of a bard who could charm even a dragon.”

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