How To Defeat Lava Elemental In Baldur’s Gate 3

The Lava Elemental is a fire-based in Baldur's Gate 3 that you'll fight at the Grymforge. Here's how to beat him.

Throughout your time with Baldur’s Gate 3, you’ll face many difficult foes; the Lava Elemental is one example. This boss fight tests your wits as you are forced to duke it out with a fire-fueled raging monster in a lava-filled forge. You will need to do your very best to come out victorious.  

The Lava Elemental resides in the Grymforge location, accessed through the Underdark in Baldur’s Gate 3. This is where you will do the Save the Grymforge Gnomes quest.  

Lava Elemental Location in Baldur’s Gate 3

You will be able to access the Lava Elemental via the Underdark. Specifically, through the Grymforge area, so make sure you have it unlocked before you embark on this quest. You can follow the map above to find the precise location.

Head to the area pictured on the map above; you will find a lift leading directly to the Lava Elemental. The path from the Underdark to the forge is long but not difficult. Most players should breeze through this area without effort. 

Lava Elemental Strengths and Weaknesses  

The Lava Elemental is resistant to a couple of things. Firstly, being a fire/flame-based enemy, it takes no damage from fire spells/weapons. Additionally, Lava Elemental is resistant to poison and piercing damage. It can also regenerate health if it comes in contact with the lava.  

While the Lava Elemental is fairly strong and tough to defeat, it does have its fair share of weaknesses, particularly cold and lightning. Any weapon or spell that inflicts cold or lightning damage should be very effective against the Lava Elemental. Furthermore, it takes a reasonable amount of damage from objects thrown at it.  


Lava Elemental Fight Guide 

The Lava Elemental can manipulate the lava around him to his advantage by making it bubble up and explode, make sure you’re always on the lookout for rogue splashes of molten rock around you. The best way to avoid getting caught in the crossfire is to avoid the lava.

Make sure you remain on the rocky surface and away from the actual body of lava. The stairs leading into his lair are a safe bet. The Lava Elemental can also gain an additional 1d6 hit points if it stays in the lava too long. So make sure you lure him to the stairs or away from the lava to give yourself the upper hand. 

Secondly, ensure you’re not using any fire, poison, or piercing damage weapons and/or spells, as their effects on Lava Elemental’s health are negligible; instead, use them to inflict cold or electric damage.

As far as the weapon is concerned, we recommend using the BG3 Mourning Frost. Alternatively, the “The Sparkly Points” trident is a lightning weapon.

For spells, “Witch Bolt” is a good place to start, it is a level 1 spell, but it is highly effective against the Lava Elemental. It deals 1d12 damage, but its effectiveness doubles if your enemy is wet. Try using this spell to deal significant damage after making the Lava Elemental wet with the “Create Water” spell.

You can also use the “Ray of Frost” cantrip to deal cold damage at a distance. It deals 1d8 damage at an 18-meter range. Ice Storm is another viable choice, as it deals great damage and lasts a couple of rounds. You can try BG3 upcasting for these spells to deal additional damage.  

Lastly, since the Lava Elemental is weak to throw damage, you can lure him to the stairs and push him off to make him fall to his death; it is important to note that your character must have a significant amount of strength to achieve this.  

Lava Elemental Rewards 

The Lava Elemental drops a host of rewards. It drops one Onyx, one Agate, and two bloodstones, all three crafting materials used to forge and/or enhance certain items or gear. Successfully defeating him also nets you and your party members a total of 120 XP. 

Item Amount 
Onyx x1 
Agate x1 
Bloodstone  x2 
XP 120 
Lava Elemental Rewards table

The Lava Elemental is definitely a tough boss fight, complete with a host of technical things to consider but with the right weapons and knowledge taking him down can be very easy.  

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