How To Discover The History Of Prince Orpheus In Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur's Gate 3 History Of Prince Orpheus is a quest that involves finding three Orpheus Disc and translate them to find the history of Orpheus, A Githyanki Prince.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Discover The History Of Prince Orpheus is about the History Discs, which can be found during your campaign missions, sidequest, etc.. By coming across any of these, your Quest Journal will be updated, and you can initiate the BG3 Quest to Discover the History of Prince Orpheus.

This will involve finding all the History Discs (x3) in BG3. These can be worldwide during your playthrough, so watch for them. These history books will appear like discs with ancient Githyanki markings on them. The only way to decipher the messages on these discs would be through a Githyanki.

BG3 History of Prince Orpheus Disc Part One – Arcane Tower

You will need the Three History discs to complete Baldur’s Gate 3 Discover the History Of Prince Orpheus. The first part will involve you venturing to the Arcane Tower. You will find this place located in the Underdark Region.

If you have, by chance, stumbled across the Overgrown Tunnel Portal, then you should easily find this place in BG3. Now that you have discovered the Arcane Tower, you can proceed using your skills such as Intimidation, Persuasion, Deception, Intelligence, etc. This way, you deceive the enemies and defenses at that tower to get inside.

Similarly, you can also Sneak your way inside with your party members without alerting the enemies present at the Arcane Tower. However, it would be best to have Lae’zel present at your party as she comes from the Githyanki race and will be helpful later in translating the Githyanki texts in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Either way, you will have a sole objective once you are inside. That will be to find the Basement Generator inside the tower. After locating it, you can proceed to turn it on in BG3.


Next, you will have to go through the top floors of this tower. This way, you will be able to find a disc by the name The Careful Art of Tir’su Ciphers on the table.

Upon further inspection, it will reveal the Githyanki Text. Similarly, you will find another one near the elevator in BG3. If you have brought Lae’zel, as we mentioned earlier, you can use her to translate the text you discovered at the Arcane Tower.

History of Prince Orpheus Disc Part Two – Githyanki Creche

Now that you have discovered the first history disc, you can proceed with your journey to find the remaining ones. This time, you must make your way to the Rosymorn Monastery in BG3. This monastery will be in the Mountain Pass, so it shouldn’t be too hard to discover.

Once you have found this place, you can go inside and search the area. During your search, you must inspect all the rooms inside the Monastery. Eventually, your search will lead you to the Combat Training Room/Classroom Area in Baldur’s Gate 3.

You will find Professor Sa’varsh Kethk insulting the Youth Varrl for not following his instructions there. He will be opposed to the idea of killing each other. Kethk will make him fight again using daggers.

He will ask everyone to challenge Varrl. You can intercede and persuade Kethk to let go of this idea and leave Youth Varrl alone. Apart from this, you can also select the option to watch the fight.

This way, Youth Assyl will rise to the challenge and kill Varrl. You can go to his dead body and salvage the Orpheus, Prince of the Comer, Part Two: Sacrifice. Then, you can hand it over to Lae’zel and control this character to read the Githyanki text present on this second history disc in Baldur’s Gate 3.

History of Prince Orpheus Disc Part Three – Balthazar’s Room

The third Disc contains the Baldur’s Gate 3 History Of Prince Orpheus in Balthazar’s Room during the second Act. This is the most challenging place to reach as it will require you to enter the Moonrise Towers and make your way through loads of enemies to get this place in BG3.

However, you can also save yourself from the trouble of killing the enemies that come your way. This can be done instead of utilizing your Deception or Intimidation skills at them.

Go with the dialogue options and make them believe you are a strong follower of the Absolute. You can fool enemies like Z’rell with this deception; this way, he will allow you to seek entry inside Balthazar’s Room in Baldur’s Gate 3.

Once inside, you can go directly towards the shelf next to the bedroom door. You will finally find the third disc related directly to the History of Prince Orpheus in BG3. Like the other two history discs, you can hand this to Lae’zel and take control of her character in your party. Using her character, you can then read the Githyanki text on this third history disc.

This will somewhat complete some parts of How to Discover The History Of Prince Orpheus. However, this quest will relate to saving the Prince himself at the end of the second Act in BG3.

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