Baldur’s Gate 3 Help The Hag Survivors Quest Guide

Help the Hag Survivor quest in Baldur's Gate 3 requires you to Save Mayrina, and right after that, you can start Avenge the Hag Survivors quest.

The Help the Hag Survivors quest is another quest that harbors the same character that annoyed you in the first act of Baldur’s Gate 3. Her name is Auntie Ethel. She is a monstrous hag that you previously encountered in Overgrown Tunnel.

The adventures of Auntie Ethel in Baldur’s Gate 3 do not end quickly, and you will find yourself stuck in her horrific influence yet again in the third act of BG3. The quest starts by acquiring a pamphlet in the lands of BG3 that we will go through shortly in the guide.

The quest lets you help the Hag survivors, and right after it, Avenge the Hag Survivors‘ quest will start. Completing the quest is not difficult, provided you follow this guide.

BG3 Anti-Hag Support Group Poster location

The poster is near the Basilisk Gate, where you will find a cart and board. If you inspect them individually, you will finally see one that gives you more insight into the quest. After reading, the journal book will get updated and instruct you to visit Barren’s coop, which requires meeting people who survived the Hag attacks in Baldur’s Gate 3.

The poster regarding this mission is not restricted to this specific location. You can find it elsewhere to explore the city’s premises.

Visit Barren’s Coop

As the Help the Hag Survivor journal in Baldur’s Gate 3 gets updated, so does the map. Locate the Barren’s Coop east of Counting House or northeast of Heapside Strand.


The door is locked, but you can lockpick your way to visit Barren’s Coop easily. As you head into the room, you will find a cupboard towards the door. Inspect the cupboard, and you will see an eviction notice. Read it, and you will further update your Baldur’s Gate 3 Help the Hag Survivor quest in the journal.

To the left, you will find another letter on the desk; read it as well to update the quest further. Then, you must locate Old Garlow’s Place, available on the map and nearby. Traverse through the doors until you see three NPCs engaged in a conversation.

Help the Hag Survivors in BG3

Traumatized by the Hag, the survivors will find you inside the territory alarming and raise their arms. But doing the relevant persuasion check will let them know you are not their foes but allies. The woman survivor will brief you further about her leader, Mayrina, who the Hag has hexed. She is upstairs in the form of a sheep.

Talk to her, and she will tell you about finding the dolls. If you look around, you will find three voodoo dolls. Destroy the dolls with any damage-causing spells or weapons. You can save Mayrina this way, and she will return to her original form.

After that, Jatlo will confront you over destroying the voodoo dolls and reveal himself as a follower of Auntie Ethel. Then, A battle takes place in which Jatlo spawns some redcaps. Soon, the Redcaps and Jatlo succumb to their injuries. Mayrina then rewards you with a Staff of Interruption in Baldur’s Gate 3.

How to get the Hag’s Bane in Baldur’s Gate 3

After collecting the Staff, talk to Mayrina again, and she will brief you about the Hag’s Bane, which is the ultimate weapon to eradicate the wicked Hag once and for all. Mayrina will give you access to the safe located on the first floor.

Inside the Safe, you will find the two essential puzzles required to solve How to get the Hag’s Bane quest. The safe contains the recipe for the Hag’s Bane, Tear-Stained Journal, and an essential item called Ashes of Dried Fey Flower.

Then, go to the alchemy menu and craft the Hag’s bane; it will be equipped in your inventory upon successful crafting. This is how to get the Hag’s bane in Baldur’s Gate 3.

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