Baldur’s Gate 3 Avenge The Hag Survivors Quest Guide

Avenge the Hag Survivors in Baldur's Gate 3 is culmination of a quest that started all the way back in Act 1 and it all finishes in Act 3 with death of the hag, Auntie Ethel.

Avenge the Hag Survivors is a quest in BG3 that takes place during the third act and is tied to several other quests, making a complete storyline related to Auntie Ethel. These accompanying quests include Save Mayrina, Help the Hag Survivors and Save Vanra. Due to its overarching nature, it can become a bit difficult to keep track of how to avenge the Hag survivors in Baldur’s Gate 3. 

In this guide, we will mainly focus on the last part of Auntie Ethel quest, Avenge the Hag Survivors in BG3. We will also take a minor look at the branching quests and mention important steps, so you won’t lock yourself out of this final mission in the series of quests.

Where to find Avenge the Hag Survivors in BG3

Avenge the Hag Survivors quest starts immediately after you finish the Help the Hag Survivors quest. This happens in Old Garlow’s Place (X: -48, Y: -137) which is in the Lower City area of Baldur’s Gate. Once inside the place, go upstairs to find a sheep. Use the spell Speak with animals to find out that she is Mayrina from Act 1. 

At this point, turn her back to human by using Remove Curse spell. As soon as you cure her, the owner of the inn Jatlo reveals himself as a red cap and attacks you. Take him out and talk to Mayrina to locate Auntie Ethel’s location. She will tell you of a missing girl Vanra and her mother.

How to get Hag’s Bane recipe

Once you are done talking to Mayrina, look in the corner for a locked box. Mayrina will open it for you. Loot the items and you will find a special book. Make sure that you read the book as it contains Hag’s Bane potion recipe. This potion is extremely important if you wish to save Vanra and complete the other side quest.

You can brew this potion with fey flowers (from the same box) and any essence.


Where to find Auntie Ethel in Lower City

In the next step of Avenge the Hag Survivors, you need to visit Vanra’s mother in Basilisk Gate Barracks (X: 144, Y: -18). Find Lora and talk to her. She is standing near Basilisk’s gate waypoint and seems extremely distressed over her daughter’s disappearance. She will ask you to search Blushing Mermaid Tavern to find Vanra. 

This tavern (X: -143, Y: -102) is to the west of Baldur’s Gate, near Lora’s House. Once you enter the tavern go to the second floor and find Captain Grizly (X: -125, Y: -75). Once you talk to her and refuse to kill Vanra’s mother at her request, she will reveal herself as Auntie Ethel. She will reveal that she has eaten Vanra who will be born from her as another hag.

How to save Vanra and defeat Auntie Ethel in Baldur’s Gate 3

You can fight Auntie Ethel right now, but this will turn the whole tavern against you. Everyone in the Blushing Mermaid Tavern is a red hat and follower of Auntie Ethel. She will also regenerate so it is better to let her go for now. Avoid the confrontation and Auntie Ethel will move to the basement (X: -120, Y: -95) of her new abode. 

Now you can save all the actual residents of the tavern and Vanra. Make sure that you have brewed Hag’s Bane potion at this point. Once you enter the basement, the final fight begins. Once you clear the area of enemies, there is a locked door at (X: -2339, Y: -118). Use lockpick to open the door to find Auntie Ethel.

To avenge hag survivors once and for all in BG3, you need to kill Auntie Ethel. As soon as the fight starts, throw the Hag’s Bane potion at her. This will make her vomit and you can find Vanra safe and unharmed. If you fail to make Hag’s Bane potion, just make sure to hit Auntie Ethel with fists or use Baldur’s Gate 3 non-lethal attacks until she is stunned. Cut her open to retrieve Vanra.

Auntie Ethel uses Pearlspore Bell flowers in the area to regenerate. These flowers are blue in color and can be found throughout the cave. Make sure to burn all three flowers before you fight Auntie Ethel herself. She uses invisibility and mirage clones this time around, making this battle a lot more difficult than the first time you fight Auntie Ethel. Just keep hitting her with your most powerful spells. If you are having any trouble, check our Evocation wizard build to take down Auntie Ethel in no time.

Rewards for completing Avenge the Hag Survivors quest in BG3

Once you manage to finish Avenge the Hag Survivors quest in BG3, you will get the following rewards. 

  • Inspire Shadowheart and Lae’zel 
  • Elixir of Viciousness 
  • 122 gold 

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