Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Drow Build

Drow Ranger build in Baldur's Gate 3 excels at targeting enemies from a distance with high DPS and can withstand a lot of punishment due to its high survivability.

Drow race offers multiple advantages as a starter to the players in Baldur’s Gate 3. For this guide we will go with the Ranger class for our Drow build in BG3. Rangers of the Hunter Subclass excel at picking off enemies from a safe distance and maintaining a high overall DPS and survival balance.

Starting abilities and skills for Ranger Drow build

Race: Drow. Primarily the Lolth-Sworn Drow for the Fey ancestry, Base racial speed and Superior Darkvision perks. Access to ‘Darkness’ at level 5 and spells like Faerie Fire and Dancing Lights is a bonus.

Ability Point Distribution: DEX 15(+2), CHA (+1). Rest is the default. (Be sure to consume Auntie Ethel’s Boon and Volo’s Ersatz Eye to permanently boost DEX and CHA respectively as well. Also, be sure to drink the Elixir of Giant Strength to boost your Strength to 21 for encounters.)

Dexterity is your main stat, while Strength and Dexterity are useful for your saving throw.

Skills: Sleight of Hand, Stealth, History, Animal Handling, Insight, Perception, Survival.

Best background

Urchin for Sleight of Hand and Stealth Proficiencies for a stealthier, hit-and-run build.


Best Feats for Drow build

Ability Improvement (DEX) at Level 4

Skilled at Level 8: Allows you to choose 3 skill proficiencies.

Lucky at Level 12: Gain 3 Luck points to use to gain advantage on your attack rolls, Ability Checks, Saving Throws or make an enemy reroll their attack rolls.

Best Spells and Actions for BG3 Drow build

For Class actions: Click Heels, Force Tunnel, Lightning Aura, Volley.

For Weapon actions: Hamstring Shot, Brace (Ranged), Main Hand Attack, Ranged Attack.

Cantrips: Dancing Lights.

Level 1 spells: Faerie Fire, Hunter’s Mark, Speak with Animals

Level 2 spells: Darkness, Spike Growth, Misty Step, Protection from Poison

Level 3 spell: Speak with Dead

Best armor and weapons

Helm: Warped Headband of Intellect: Raises INT to 17.

BackCloak of the Weave: +1 point to spell save DC and Spell attack rolls while also stacking damage on your next cast after absorbing a weakened enemy spell per short rest.

ArmorAdamantine Split Armor: Triggers ‘Reeling’ against Melee attackers.

Hands: Gloves of Power: Applies a penalty to target’s attack rolls and saving throws when after hitting them.

Boots: Boots of Speed: Grants you the ‘Click Heels’ action.

Amulet: Amulet of Misty Step: Unlocks Misty Step

Melee weapon: Torch

Off hand: The Real Sparky Sparkswall: Grants you ‘Lightning Aura.’

Ranged weapon: The Joltshooter: Grants proficiency unlocks for ‘Hamstring Shot’ and ‘Brace (Ranged)’. As well as lightning charges each time you deal lightning damage with it. Since you are a Ranger, this will be your main weapon for combat.

Rings: The Sparkswall (For lightning resistance and Null Electrocution) and Ring of Poison Resistance.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Drow build level progression

Level 1: You unlock 2 class features: ‘Favored Enemy’ and ‘Natural Explorer’. Pick ‘Ranger Knight’ for the former to gain proficiency in Heavy Armor and History. Pick ‘Urban Tracker’ in for the latter to gain proficiency in ‘Sleight of Hand.’

Level 2: You unlock the ‘Fighting Style’ Class feature. Pick ‘Archery’ for a +2 bonus to ranged attacks. You also unlock 2 level 1 spell slots. 

Level 3: You can choose your ranger subclass now for your drow build in BG3. Pick ‘Hunter’ to gain access to the ‘Hunter’s Prey’ Class Feature. Choose the ‘Colossus Slayer’ ability. You also unlock one more level 1 spell slot.

Level 4:  You unlock 1 ‘Feat’, mentioned prior.

Level 5: You unlock 2 level 2 spell slots as well as the ‘Extra Attack’ Class Feature.

Level 6: You unlock ‘Favored Enemy’ and ‘Natural Explorer’ again, so choose what you want this time.

Level 7: You unlock 1 extra level 2 spell slot. You also unlock the Hunter Defensive Tactics subclass feature. Pick whichever you want.

Level 8: Unlock the ‘Land’s Stride: Difficult Terrain’ Class feature for unrestricted difficult terrain movement. You also unlock 1 ‘Feat’, explained before for your drow build in BG3.

Level 9: You unlock 2 level 3 spell slots.

Level 10: You unlock the ‘Hide in Plain Sight’ Action, as well as another instance of ‘Favored Enemy’ and ‘Natural Explorer’.

Level 11: You unlock 1 extra level 3 spell slot. You also unlock additional Hunter subclass actions. I recommend picking Volley for the ranged AoE damage.

Level 12: You unlock 1 ‘Feat’, explained earlier.

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