Baldur’s Gate 3 Best DPS Build

DPS characters in Baldur's Gate 3 are the ones who will be doing the heavy lifting in any fight so having a good DPS build is useful.

When considering damaging classes in BG3, Sorcerer is one that comes to mind. Utilizing high burst damage capabilities, the Sorcerer class can unleash a devastating arsenal of spells to bring ruin upon their foes. In this guide, we are going to focus on providing you a high-quality multi-class Baldur’s Gate 3 DPS build that puts others to shame.

That said though, each class comes with some shortcomings and the Sorcerer is no exception. Despite great burst damage, they are rather heavy with resource consumption while also lacking any armor proficiency, making them quite vulnerable as the story progresses.

Starting abilities and skills for DPS

Race: High Half-Elf

Class: Sorcerer/Fighter

Background: Sage

Subclass: Draconic Bloodline. We are going with the Bronze Dragon Ancestory to gain Lightning spell bonuses. (The Witch bolt spell is quite nice and the level-up benefit to lightning damage works well with the weapons and spells you will find yourself using later.)


Ability Point Distribution: DEX 14(+2), CHA 15 (+1). Rest are default.

Skills: Arcana, History, Deception, Persuasion.

You are free to pick any cantrips and spells of your choice starting off. Eldritch Blast will be your bread-and-butter damage dealer, but thunder-based cantrips can support your weapon or you can pick more crowd-control-oriented ones such as web or movement ones such as Enhance Leap to improve mobility and get around the battlefield. The choice is yours.

Best feats for BG3 DPS build

As always, players can select a total of 3 feats while leveling if they are going a single class route. Multi-class characters only get 2 feats and we are going to multiclass our character for this BG3 build. New feat options become available every 4 levels. My recommendations for the best feat when it comes to this particular Sorcerer DPS build in Baldur’s Gate 3 are

Level 4: Unlock the Spell Sniper feat. This will allow you to learn a Cantrip from the Warlock spells. You need to unlock the Eldritch Blast cantrip for the BG3 DPS build.

Level 8: Since the Sorcerer class scales with Charisma, at level 8 you need to unlock the Ability Improvement feat to increase CHA and your overall offensive capabilities.

Once you have unlocked two feats, you need to multi-class into Fighter. The main goal is to only get Fighter to level 2 to unlock ‘Action Surge’, allowing you to spam an additional Eldritch Blast for maximum DPS upkeep.

Best spells and cantrips for DPS build

Eldritch Blast as mentioned before will be your go-to spell for damage. Apply the light cantrip too as not only does it proc on every hit of Eldritch blast, but it illuminates you and allows the Coruscation Ring and Callous Glow Ring’s passives to trigger.

Pick Twinned Spell in order to gain an additional spell cast on Eldritch Blast, and for your second meta magic, either pick Subtle Spell to overcome the silence debuff against certain enemy encounters or pick Distant Spell to give yourself more ranged casting leverage and keep enemies at bay.

Haste is a good spell for granting you an additional turn to spam another Eldritch Blast. Thunderwave is also a spell with nice utility for slight crowd control benefits attached.

Armor of Agathys is also a spell to consider for early-level durability while Hex will stack with Eldritch Blast for max DPS.

Best armor and weapons

Helm: Birthright – +2 Bonus to Charisma for damage stat.

Back: Cloak of the Weave – +1 point to spell save DC and Spell attack rolls while also stacking damage on your next cast after absorbing a weakened enemy spell per short rest.

ArmorPotent Robe – Boosts your Cantrip damage by adding a Charisma modifier to them. (Stacks with Agonizing Blast)

Hands: Gloves of Belligerent Skies – The Reverberation effect is great in tandem with Spellsparkler.

Amulet: Spineshudder Amulet – Stacks additional Reverberation on the target.

Melee weapon: The Spellsparkler – The gain in lightning charges due to your Eldritch Blast spam will benefit the weapon greatly.

Rings: Coruscation Ring and Callous Glow Ring – With light cantrip, helps stack additional damage onto Eldritch Blast.

Baldur’s Gate 3 DPS build leveling progression

As evident by our feat section, for the first 8 levels you are going to focus on the Sorcerer class and level that up in BG3.

Level 1: Choose Draconic Bloodline – Bronze Dragon. You will gain 4 Cantrips and 2 level one spell slots.

Level 2: You unlock the Sorcery Points feature. These Sorcery Points can be converted to and from Spell Slots to use different types of spells. Also, unlock the Twinned Spell Metamagic feature

Level 3: Choose between Distant Spells or Subtle Spell metamagic.

Level 4: Unlock the first feat point to gain access to Eldritch Blast through Spell Sniper.

Level 8: Unlock the next feat, Ability Improvement, to increase your Charisma.

Level 9: Multiclass into Fighter. Gain two levels of Fighter for Action Surge.

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