Baldur’s Gate 3 Best Amulets

Amulets are one of the most important parts of your builds in Baldur's Gate 3 so equipping the best one is crucial.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Amulets, much like rings, play a great role in augmenting not only your stats but also other aspects of your character such as your resistances, spell availability, new abilities etc. Prioritizing the best amulets in Baldur’s Gate 3 as the situation demands can be daunting. So here is a list of some very noteworthy amulets in BG3 to keep in mind which will surely be a great help to you in your journey.

1. Amulet of Greater Health

Amulet of Greater Health is a Very Rare amulet in BG3 and a great fit for late-game melee classes looking to bolster their survival score. The Amulet of Greater Health can be stolen from the House of Hope, accessed via through Helsik’s ritual portal in Lower City.

Equipping the Amulet will raise your Constitution score to 23 points and grant a +1 to Constitution saving throws. The benefit to the overall HP pool is quite massive and bolsters your overall tanking capabilities.

2. Dauntless Amulet

Dauntless Amulet is a Rare Amulet in BG3 and is good for improving your resistance to crowd control effects, especially during chaotic encounters with caster enemies.

The Dauntless Amulet grants the wearer resistance to not only the ‘Frightened’ Status effect but also similar emotion-altering statuses such as ‘Charmed’, ‘Surprised’ etc. making this a solid choice to keep on hand to mitigate complications from status-inducing enemies.

3. Amulet of Misty Step

Amulet of Misty Step is an Uncommon Amulet in BG3 which is great for boosting your terrain traversal and positioning, especially if you want to pick off foes in unfavorable positions or rush to aid an ally in danger.


There are multiple locations where you can get the Amulet of Misty Step in BG3. One of them is in the Myconid Colony which is located to the north of Underdark. Once in the colony, seek out and help Omeluum and then he will sell you the amulet.

The amulet grants you access to the spell ‘Misty Step’ which is great for disengaging from unfavorable encounters, repositioning, setting up an ambush from vantage points that cannot be accessed via normal jumps etc. It is a spell with a great deal of utility.

4. Amulet of Restoration

Amulet of Restoration is a Rare Amulet in BG3 which is great for Healer classes who want access to certain class-restricted spells.

You can get the Amulet of Restoration in the Myconid Colony to the north of Underdark. Within the colony, find the merchant Derryth Bonecloak, wife of Bladur’s Gate 3 mushroom picker, who will sell it to you.

The amulet grants you access to the level 1 spell Healing Word and the level 3 spell Mass Healing Word. These spells are quite helpful in drawn-out encounters and can turn the tide of battle, especially Mass Healing Word with its AoE capability.

5. Unflinching Protector Amulet

The Unflinching Protector Amulet is a Very Rare amulet that boosts your teamplay capability, especially when allies near you are under attack.

The Unflinching Protector amulet allows you to expend a reaction to cause an enemy attack (of any kind) that was directed at an ally near you, to miss. This holds great value especially if you know the attack is going to be fatal / your ally is on death’s door.

6. Spellcrux Amulet

The Spellcrux Amulet is a Very Rare amulet in BG3 that boasts incredible utility due to Its innate class action.

To obtain the Spellcrux Amulet, you must kill the prison warden in Moonrise Towers, it can be looted from her body. You will most probably end up killing her while trying to help Wulbren escape.

The amulet boasts comes with a built-in Spell Slot Restoration class action which can restore any spell slot from level 1-6 per long rest.

For more efficiency, you can simply equip the amulet during the spell slot restoration process and then swap it back to another amulet. The effect goes through in both cases and the benefits are massive.

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