Baldur’s Gate 3 Chamber Of Strategy Puzzle Solution

Baldur's Gate 3 Chamber of Strategy is a chess-themed puzzle that you need to solve to get access to Black King boss and get one step closer to the dragon, Ansur.

Puzzles in BG3 serve as a fortress wall for you to break before meeting the big bosses in the game. The chess puzzle inside the Chamber of Strategy is just one piece of a large number of puzzles you need to solve in Wyrmway trials to recruit Ansur, the dragon, in Baldur’s Gate 3. Solving this puzzle will also let you gain access to the room where Black King is located. 

We recommend that you find and recruit Gale before attempting this puzzle. There are a lot of chess combinations for different players; Gale can prove invaluable in giving you subtle hints about the puzzle.

How to solve the Chamber of Strategy Chess Puzzle in BG3

In Baldur’s Gate 3, solving the Chamber of Strategy puzzle is compulsory to start the fight with the Black King. To solve this puzzle, you need to defeat the Black King chess piece in just two moves. If you fail, you have two more chances to retry the puzzle. However, to activate this puzzle, first, you must interact with the Balduran statue inside the Wyrm Rock Fortress

To solve the chess puzzle, you need to follow the instructions given below. The combinations can be different for you, and this is where Gale comes in to provide support. 

  • For your first move, you need to select the queen, which is in the middle of the board, to the rightmost corner of the board. 
  • You must move the queen from the top right corner to three blocks on the left for the second move.

Doing so will put the Black King’s chess piece at a disadvantage of checkmate, effectively completing the puzzle. 

There is another way of solving the Chamber of Strategy puzzle in Baldur’s Gate 3. The rules only mention defeating the Black King chess piece. There is no specific condition to achieve this goal. The King’s chess piece is weak to Lightning attacks. If you have Gale or any other spellcaster in your team, hit it with Lightning spells like the Witch Bolt

However, the same two-turn rules apply here. You need to destroy the Black King chess piece in two turns only. Once the puzzle is completed, you can move forward to face the Black King himself in BG3.

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