Ark Survival Evolved Element Locations Guide

This guide includes all the best ways and locations to farm elements in all the DLCs of Ark Survival Evolved.

Element is a strange resource that has the ability to travel to different DLCs of Ark Survival Evolved. It is one of the materials that is found in its final form. There are many ways that you can farm elements in Ark Survival.

Some of the farming ways include looting from the boss inventories, Element Ore, Element Dust, and Tek creatures. Finding the element in Ark Survival evolved can be very difficult. This guide includes all the best ways and locations to farm elements in all the DLCs of Ark Survival Evolved.

Uses of Element in Ark Survival Evolved

The main use of the Element is to craft endgame Tek Tier items that include Tek weapons, Tek armor, Tek saddles, Tek structures, Tek buildings, and Tek vehicles. All the Tek Tier items can then be run with the help of an element as a fuel source.

One element can be converted into 1000 Element Shards that can be used as fuel for Tek Turret, Tek Generator, and the Tek Bow. Element Shards can also be used as a power source to charge Tek Cloning Chamber and Tek Light.

There is another form of the element called Element Dust that can be used as a Scout and Enforcer food source. Element dust is also used to craft Scout Remote, Tek Gravity Grenade, and Unassembled Enforcer.

Element locations in Ark Aberration

You can craft element in Ark Aberration using the charge nodes. To craft the element, you will need Element Ore as the main ingredient. Element Ore can be found in the Surface region and Green Fertile region of Ark Abberation.


Among all the regions, Southwest Surface has the highest concentration of Element Ore. Then, you can use the Charge Node to craft the Element that can be commonly found in the Blue Bioluminescence region. The other materials you will need to craft are Gems and Charge batteries.

Element locations in Ark Extinction

Your main source for finding element in Ark Extinction is going to be Element Nodes. These Element nodes are found in the Wasteland, and Sulphur Fields regions of the Ark Extinction map.

Another way that you can farm elements is by killing the Tek Creatures. You can find the Tek Parasaur on the Northwest side of the Wastelands and Sanctuary. You can also find Tek Raptor in Wasteland and Sulfur Fields.

Ark Extinction also has decent deposits of Element Dust in the Sanctuary region. The element dust can be converted to unstable elements. It will then automatically convert itself to the element.

Element locations in Ark Genesis

All the element deposits in the Ark Genesis are in the Volcanic Biome. In this region, you will find elements in the form of Element Shard. You will need Element shards for several uses including powering Tek Creatures.

If you do not have the Element Shards in the inventory, you must then have to convert the element back to the Element shards. You can also buy elements from HLNA: an AI bot that hovers all around the Ark Genesis.

Element locations in Ark Lost Island

You can easily farm element in Ark Lost Island by killing the main boss. The main boss: Dinopithecus King can be found in the Darkfern Forest region of Ark Lost Island. The alpha variant of Dinopithecus King will drop the greatest number of elements.

Another way you can get elements is by farming element dust from Tek Creatures. You can find Tek Stego in the Green Obelisk region of Ark Lost Island. Element dust can then easily be converted to an element.

Element locations in Ark Ragnarok

Elements in Ark Ragnarok can easily be farmed by defeating the boss in the Boss fights. Almost all the bosses in the Ark Ragnarok will drop elements except for Rockwell and Overseer.

You can also farm the elements from the Tek Creature found in regions like Viking’s Bay, Oluf Jungle, and SW.

Element locations in Ark Scorched Earth

Defeating the bosses in the game is also the way to farm element in Ark Scorched Earth. Every boss in Ark Scorched Earth will give you elements except for the Rockwell and Overseer.

You can also Element dust in places like benches, lamps, or tables using a pick, Argentavis, and Doedicurus. Tek Parasaur and Tek Raptor found on the Southeast side of the Desert region can also give you Element.

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