How to Farm Element in Ark Ragnarok

In this guide, we will take an in-depth look at how to farm Element in Ark Ragnarok and discuss all of the viable farming options.

Element is a strange resource available in Ark Ragnarok that is fully mature and in its final form. It can travel through different ark maps, but you will see a little disintegration during the process. Elements can be used to make Tek Tier Components.

Not only the Element is used to make the components of the Tek Tier armor and other items, but it also is used to fuel the Tek Structures in the form of Element Shards as well as armor for Tek weapons meaning that the Element is very crucial in end-game tasks.

Farming for Elements in the Ragnarok map can be a little difficult and confusing sometimes therefore we have made a complete guide on the best ways to farm Elements in Ark Ragnarok including how to Craft Elements in Ark Scorched Earth.

Best Ways to Farm Element in Ark Ragnarok

There are not many ways to farm Elements in Ragnarok but we have made a list of the best ways to farm Elements in Ark Ragnarok.

Boss Fights

When you defeat any boss in the Ark Survival, you will be rewarded with Elements except for two bosses that will not give you any Elements and the names of those bosses are Rockwell and Overseer.

The number of Elements that you will get from any boss fight will depend on the difficulty of the fight as the Manticore Alpha boss will give you 285 Elements compared to 38 Elements for the Gamma. Similarly, Alpha Dragon will give you a maximum of 220 Elements in the Ragnarok.


You are advised to gather Elements whenever you get the chance during the fight because once you are teleported out of the arena, you will lose any chance to collect the Element collection

Farm Element Dust

Unfortunately, you cannot farm element dust in the Ragnarok map, but the good thing is Element Dust is transferable from different servers such as Genesis to the Ragnarok which can then be converted to Element or Element Shards by simply letting it spoil. Element dust can easily be farmed from any of the city structures such as benches, lamps, and tables.

Tek Creatures

Tek Creatures found in different places along the Ragnarok map can give you Element Dust which can then later be turned into Elements or Element Shards. This creature is found on the West side of the map in regions like Viking’s Bay, Oluf Jungle, and SW. Meanwhile, you can find Titanosaur in the Deathsands area of the Ragnarok map.

How to Craft Element in Ark Ragnarok

In other DLC of the Ark Survival, there are two methods that you can utilize to craft elements. These methods are using either a Charge node or the Engram but in Ragnarok, we cannot access the Charge Node therefore you must use the Engram to craft Elements.

Once you are at the Engram, you will need the following items to craft Elements.

  • x15 Blue Gem
  • x8 Charge Battery
  • x50 Congealed Gas Ball
  • x20 Element Ore
  • x20 Green Gem
  • x1 Powered On Station
  • x10 Red Gem

If for any reason, you do not have all these items mentioned above but you still want to craft Elements, it is possible by utilizing the Element dust in the Enrgam to craft the Element. For every 1000 Element Dust, you can craft one Element by adding one Unstable element in the Egram.

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