Ark Lost Island Dinopithecus Location and Taming

A detailed guide that helps you locate the Dinopithecus beast in Ark Lost Island. We will also be learning how to tame this beast.

Dinopithecus is one the most fun tames of Arc Lost Island because of its phenomenal taming mechanic. It has a lot of cool, unique abilities such as fast climbing cliffs and trees, throwing grenades, and fecal matter that slows down enemies. This guide highlights this beast’s location in Arc Lost Island and how to tame them.

Ark Lost Island Dinopithecus Location

Dinopithecus is located in Red Woods in Arc Lost Island. Start by going to LAT 42.4 and LON 55.9 to find yourself a Giant Castle. At least one pack of Dinopithecus always shows up at this location. The location is highlighted in the map shown below:

Ark Lost Island Dinopithecus Location and Taming

How to Tame Dinopithecus

In a pack of Dinopithecus, the player should always look out for the glowing red-orange alpha. The remaining members of the pack are called the betas. Each Dinopithecus will have its unique pack, and you must take out every member of the pack except the alpha before you can tame it. This can be done in multiple different ways.

The player can set up a generic stone trap to lead some of the Dinopithecus there and shotgun them or take them out using any other method, keeping the alpha safe and isolated. An amazing tool for taming Dinopithecus is a net gun. Grapple to an elevated area like a tree and net gun most of the betas to start taming the alpha.

After dealing with the betas, approach the alpha and take its health below 85 percent. This can be easily done using a few shots of a decent shotgun or any high damaged weapon. Be careful not to kill it.


Taming effectiveness depends on the type of food used after knocking down the alpha. Mutton, berries, and especially exceptional kibble boost the effectiveness. However, in the case of Dinopithecus, you can feed it almost anything, and it will get tamed. The alpha level is directly proportional to the food required to tame it.

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