Ark Aberration Element Farming Guide

This guide will brief players about how they can get Element in Ark Aberration even though the Rockwell Boss does not drop it.

Element is the most useful and expensive resource in Ark Aberration that is rewarded to only those who defeat bosses. It is a finished resource manufactured from elemental dust. One element can only be created at tek replicators and is made up of one thousand element dust.

An element, as mentioned above is a reward that players get as a result of defeating a boss on that particular map. However, in Ark Aberration the only boss is Rockwell who is also the second largest creature in Ark World and he does not drop any element.

This guide will brief players about how they can get Element in Ark Aberration even though the Rockwell Boss does not drop it.

Ark aberration element

Armor and equipment for the Tek Tier are made with Element. The Tek Tier is a group of late-game structures and tools that employ extremely advanced technology. Elements in Ark serve as ammunition for Tek weaponry as well as fuel for Tek buildings.

Additionally, it is utilized to make the Element Shards that are required to boost some Tek constructions. A small amount of Element Dust can be made with the element. The total number of items that one element can create is 114.

Ark Aberration is undoubtedly one of the hardest Ark maps to farm an element. In Aberration, a player needs the following resources to farm an element :

  • 20 Green Gems
  • 15 Blue Gems
  • 10 Red Gems
  • 20 Element Ore
  • 50 Congealed Gas
  • 8 Charged Battery

So first of all players need to collect all the material.

Green gems

Green Gems are found in the green zone which is pretty much a safe area to start with. They can be gathered from the following coordinates:

Lat 36.2

Lon 39.9

Blue gems

Blue Gems can be found in the middle of the blue zone. There is a cluster of blue gems at:

Lat 38.9

Lon 62.2

Red gems

These are found in the radiation zone which is at the right bottom of the map. Incredibly red gems look purple in the game.

Lat 66.7

Lon 51.6

Element ore

It can be found at the bottom of the map in between a rock Drack Egg location. Element ore looks like small tombstones with a pink face.

Lat 66

Lon 59

Congealed gas collector

This can be collected at Level 40. Once players have learned Graham goes to the smithy to craft its structure folder gas collector and you” ll need 60 cementing paste, 40 Cristo, 75 metal ingots, and 20 red gems.

Once you have gone, just click on a young gram to build and that’s it.

Gas vane

Next, players need to find a gas vane preferably close to their base to travel so far. When V erupted you get a small number of congealed gas balls collecting those by hand isn’t so equipped as your gas collector.

Onto your, Hotbar go to the vein then play set these. These work similar to oil veins and they” ll collect a large number of congealed gutter balls.

Charged battery

This can be equipped at level 71. You need 20 Congealed Balls, 4 crystal metal ingots, and 15 polymers.

Once, you have all these resources click on build and you got yourself a charged battery.

You need a TV that wants to build elements so make seven more. Once you have made all the batteries you want, then you need to charge them up.

For that go to a glow bug and click on it. However, if you have a charged pet on your shoulder, the charge from a book will be transferred to your pet and not the battery so what you need to do is when you find a book throw your pet on the floor as you can see I have got only one battery charged at the moment the rests are empty then go up to the bug and click on it. After this, you” ll have two batteries fully charged up.

Remember you need eight charged batteries for an element.

The other way to charge the battery is a charge node. Go to a station and transfer batteries inside its inventory. Each charge node will start with a 5000-node charge. Each battery holds 500 charges so you can charge 10 batteries by one node.


  • Now add all the material to the charge node. 15 blue gems,20 Green Gems,10 Red Gems,20 Element Ore,50 Congealed Gas, and 8 Charged Batteries.
  • Click the element engram and it will start to build.
  • It is a slow process but you” ll get three elements.

This is how players can get an element in Ark Aberration. We hope this guide has been helpful for you.

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