Ark Aberration Rockwell Location and Taming Guide

In this Ark Aberration guide, we will discuss the Rockwell monster, including its location and also how players can tame it.

In the world of ARK, Rockwell is the second largest creature and a former explorer. The Rockwell boss from Ark Aberration is the same Rockwell from the explorer notes. After raiding another tribe, Rockwell discovered an element and fed it to his bulldog, which killed it. He then dressed the bulldog in a costume, which caused it to mutate and change.

Rockwell is an enormous creature with a unique face that is half human and the rest of it looks like a cruel monster and is covered in elements filled with veins topped off and fang-like teeth. There are so many tendrils on his body that have replaced his limbs and hair and the large ones are made of bones.

This monster spews out a purple ball at the survivor which is quite harmful. Rockwell always spawns with the same color scheme and it has one plain color. Thus it’s safe to assume that making alterations to Rockwell’s colors is impossible.

In this Ark Aberration guide, we will discuss the Rockwell monster, including its location and also how players can tame it.

Ark Aberration Rockwell location

In Ark Aberration, Rockwell Arena is the location where Rock Well spawns. It may be found in his terminal, which is located below Grave of the Lost, or accessed via a beacon, loot crate, or obelisk.

Rockwell is in the center of the arena, encircled by his tentacles and a pool of inaccessible pure molten Element, with only one way to get to him.


How to Tame Rockwell

There are a couple of admin commands players can use to tame the Rockwell boss, but before taming it’s important to spawn this boss first. Here is a first command that players can use to spawn in Rockwell :

gmsummon “rockwell_character_bp_easy_c”

Using the gmsummon command in start automatically tames the creatures. And I guess that is what we are trying to do.

After typing it, the next thing is to issue this command.

Issue the command and wait for a minute and it will come out of the ground. The Rockwell is all tamed and yours now.

So, Rockwell can be tamed with the command :

Gmsummon “Rockwell_Character_BP_C”1000

Here 1000 is the level of the boss. It is not a fixed number, it can be anything you want.

This is how you can have your tamed Rockwell, but in any case, if you want to have it spawn and fight it for some reason you can do that too. Here are the commands :

Summon Rockwel _Character_BP_EASY_C

Summon Rockwel _Character_BP_MEDIUM_C

Summon Rockwel _Character_BP_HARD_C

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