Ark Survival Evolved Chitin Locations

Follow this guide to know more about Chitin and where you can get it from in Ark Survival Evolved and all of its DLC maps. 

Chitin is a crafting material you can farm in Ark Survival Evolved. It is a naturally occurring material that is obtained from animals with hard exoskeletons or external coverings. This crafting material can also be used as a substitute for Keratin as both these materials can be used interchangeably. There are two ways to get Chitin or Keratin in Ark; Either you kill the creatures with exoskeletons having Chitin/Keratin or you can tame a creature or two which can gather these materials for you. As for what tools you need to farm Chitin in Ark, any stone tool to hit and pick-axe

Follow this guide to know more about Ark Survival Evolved chitin locations and all of its DLC maps. 

Uses of Chitin in Ark Survival Evolved

Let’s say you’ve got yourself settled. You’ve built a base and even tamed some dinosaurs in Ark Survival Revolved. And now if you want to fast speed up your progress gather materials such as Chitin.

Animals like Pulmonoscorpius and Spiders drop chitin multiple times during their life cycle. Chitin can be utilized to craft several different recipes such as:

  • Aerial Symbiote.
  • Chitin Chestpiece.
  • Chitin Boots.
  • Chitin Leggings
  • Chitin Gauntlets
  • Chitin Helmet
  • Chitin Armor
  • Cementing paste

Cementing Paste of course would be the most used material you would be making out of the Chitin you have gathered for all your building needs. Cementing Paste can also be gathered as an individual material so if you are struggling to gather Chitin, you can farm Cementing paste separately. However, as a substitute for Keratin, Chitin can still be beneficial for you for those recipes.

Chitin Locations in Ark Ragnarok

It’s quite challenging to find Chitin in Ark Ragnarok. But if you’ve tamed a good dragon/wyvern it won’t be much difficult. Here is the list of locations you need to check out to find Chitin.


Location #1

You have to start from the top northern side of the Ark Ragnarok map, where the coordinates are :

  • LAT 20
  • LON 40

First, visit the scorched Volcanic area with the Volcano located at:

  • LAT 28
  • LON 55

This is a much easier and quicker way to get Chitin.

As players are flying to this area, they will start seeing sort of a Delta with Lava coming out. Go to the area, you’ll find a lot of mantises and cent peers. So all you have to do is kill down some mantises and fly back to base. Mostly it’s at the following coordinates :

  • LAT 26
  • LON 57

Location #2

Go to the top northwest of the Ark Ragnarok map.  Get near the lake and take out your crossbow with a grappling hook. You will also need a Pike. Hunt a strange creature living in the lake to get chitin.

Chitin Locations in Ark Valguero

You can farm chitin in Ark Valguero in the following locations:

Wyvern Canyon

There is quite a population of bugs in Wyvern Canyon, hunting them will provide you with a lot of Chitin in Ark Valguero. Here enter the cave using the following coordinates:

  • LON 40.6
  • LAT 73.1

Wyvern Trench

We highly suggest taking the old Megatherium to hunt in the Wyvern Trench. He will help you a lot to kill bugs and get you chitin.

Skeleton Gorge

Skeleton Gorge is quite rich in Chitin, there are a lot of skeletal structures here. The coordinates for the skeletal Gorge are as follows:

  • LAT 30
  • LON 45

Chitin Locations in Ark Scorched Earth


The best region to get Chitin in Ark Scorched Earth is from fish in the desert. In the desert, you may encounter scorpions, flies, dung beetles, Lymantria, and centipedes. You can kill them all to obtain Chitin.

Swamp Areas

A specie called Achatina, found in swamp areas is a great source of Chitin.

Deep in Caves

Deep in caves, you will find creatures such as Arthropluera and Araneo. You can extract Chitin by hunting them. There are also other creatures such as Spiders and Scorpions in these caves. Use the Direwolf adept to hunt them effectively.

Ocean surrounding the Island

Look for the places where Ocean surrounds the islands. This is where you will find creatures such as Eurypterid and Dunkleosteus. Look for the Euryperid on the ocean bed. Chitins can be collected by harvesting the exoskeleton of these creatures.

Crystal Isles

A handsome quantity of Chitin can be extracted from anthills and Dung Beetle and Titanomyrma in this region.

Chitin Locations in Ark Lost Island

Here are the coordinates of the locations where you can find Chitin in Ark Lost Island:

Location #1

Follow the coordinates given below to reach Hole Waterfall to find some Chitin:

  • LAT: 37
  • LON: 32

Location #2

Use the coordinates to visit the Volcanic Crater.

  • LAT: 23
  • LON: 60

Location #3

You can also find Chitin in the Mid-Northern Desert area as well.

  • LAT: 81
  • LON: 53

Chitin Locations in Ark The Center

You need to get to the Jungle cave to find a lot of animal species. Killing them will grant you a lot of Chitin in Ark The Center. Here are the coordinates to enter the cave:

  • LAT: 54
  • LON: 63

You can enter the cave through an opening near the pond.

Chitin Locations in Ark Fjordur

Here are the coordinates you should visit if you want to find and farm Chitin in Ark Fjordur:

  • LAT 32
  • LON 98

This is where you’ll discover a huge population of trilobites. You need to search them near the waters and hunt them to get chitin.

Quickest Way to Farm Chitin in Ark?

trilobites chitin farm

While there are a lot of ways to farm Chitin in Ark, I think the best way to farm it early is through Trilobites. Just go to the coast and start swimming. Kill any Tribolite you come across and you will get a considerable amount of Chitin from each creature. You should use a pick-axe for harvesting purposes. While you can use stone tools to hit those creatures, it’s recommended to use a Pike if you have one.

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