Ark Lost Island Chitin Locations

This detailed guide will help you in locating all the different locations where you can find and farm Chitin in Ark Lost Island.

In this guide, we’ll talk about where you can find Chitin in Ark Lost Island. It can be either colorless or brown. Chitin can be used to tame animals. Weapons and armor can also be crafted with it. Everything on Ark Lost Island requires resources.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re starving or thirsty; you need resources. You should be aware that not all resources’ locations are safe to find at the start of the game. It is also quite difficult to obtain some resources. Hole Waterfall is a good place to find Chitin.

Ark Lost Island Chitin Locations

You can make cementing paste or armor out of chitin. However, once the engrams are unlocked, this resource is worth locating. Chitin can only be obtained by killing creatures that naturally produce the material. It includes achatina, araneomorphus, arthropleura, dung beetles, dunkleosteus, eurypterids, jug bugs, Lymantria, and mantids.

You can also find Chitin from Charcoal, Fiber, High-Quality Pollen, Mushroom,  Rare Flower,  Rare Mushroom, Sap (Cactus),  Silk, Thatch, and Wood.

Ark Lost Island Chitin Locations

Location #1


Go to the following coordinates in Hole Waterfall to find some Chitin:

LAT: 37.1 LON: 32.6

Location #2

To find this chitin location, use these coordinates and head to Volcanic Crater.

LAT: 23.3 LON: 59.8

Location #3

You can easily find this Chitin location in Ark Lost Island at the following coordinates in Mid-Northern Desert Area.

LAT: 80.9 LON: 53.9.

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