Ark Ragnarok Chitin Locations

Chitin is a colorless substance you can farm in Ark Ragnarok and this guide will help you located it as fast as possible.

Chitin is a colorless substance you can farm in Ark Ragnarok. It is a polymer that is a part of creatures’ exoskeletons, radulae, beaks, and other physical structures. In this Ark Ragnarok guide, we will cover everything a player needs to know about Chitin, including its applications in the game and, all the locations where you can find it.

Chitin is utilized to create a cementing paste. Cementing Paste is made by mixing 4 Chitin/Keratin with 8 Stone in a mortar and pestle or 16 Keratin/Chitin with 32 Stone in a chemistry bench. Most tools and dinosaurs can collect chitin from dead bodies.

Whatever the case, you’ve settled yourself in the game, established a base, and tamed a few dinosaurs. The absence of materials like chitin is the only thing preventing players from moving forward more quickly. Knowing where to get chitins is crucial, so here are some places to look:

Ark Ragnarok Chitin Locations

Finding a reliable source of chitin or keratin in Ark Ragnarok can be challenging, but if you can obtain a good wyvern with good damage, it won’t be too difficult. Let’s investigate how players can obtain a lot of chitin in the Ark during Ragnarok.

Although Beaver Dam is always an option for players seeking Chitin, it’s a rather traditional method and also quite time-consuming. Once a player has a competent dragon or wyvern, they can employ them to obtain large quantities of chitin.

Ark Ragnarok Chitin Locations Map


Location #1

Beginning from the top northern side of the map where the coordinates are :

Lat 20

Lon 40

We will first go to the scorched area with Volcano which is approximately located at

Lat 28

Lon 55

This is a much easier and quicker way to get Chitin. It depends on the location where you are on the map. But using Wyvern can harvest you a lot of Chitin.

As players are flying to this area, they will start seeing sort of a Delta with Lava coming out. Go to the area, you’ll find a lot of mantises and cent peers. Land down on the area by the mentis. Then run and chomp.

The server also matters a lot as in some server multipliers are quite high. So all you have to do is kill down some mantises and fly back to base. Mostly it’s at the following coordinates :

Lat 26

Lon 57

Location #2

The other location is near the lake at the top northwest of Ark Ragnarok map. For gathering Chitin here, players need a crossbow with a grappling hook and also a Pike.

So at this location what players have to do is get down in the water, have a grappling hook ready, and look for a strange creature. As soon as it is spotted hook them up and drag them out. Make sure these things don’t get too close to you because when they attack you your turbidity will go up very fast and most probably you’ll die.

After reaching sure, tap it as soon as it tries to come close to you and then pick up an axe and all you need now is to whack at it. There are 200 Chitins and 60 pearls too. Sometimes they drop Oriole too.

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