Ark Fjordur Keratin / Chitin Farming Locations

In this guide we have a few ways for you to speed up and farm Chitin and Keratin more efficiently in Ark Fjordur.

Both Keratin and Chitin are crucial for a lot of crafting recipes in Ark Fjordur and they are required in high quantities for these recipes. However, with the variety of animals that you can tame, you have a few different ways to run through the farming areas and get a ton of Chitin and Keratin fast. We have a few ways for all of you to speed up and farm Chitin and Keratin more efficiently.

How to Farm Chitin in Ark Fjordur

Chitin is found in a lot of Arthropods and reptiles in the game. The best way to farm these is to use a Hatchet or Pick to farm the animal bodies after you kill them. Almost all the creatures that have an exoskeleton can be used to farm Chitin in Ark Fjordur.

However, for the perfect Chitin farm, you need to tame a Diplocaulus. These tadpole-like lizards are found at the bank of the water body in the right corner of the map. Here, you can find and tame these here, as they are a crucial part of Chitin farming.

Though these animals are practically useless on land, they’re slow, and you can’t ride them, where they truly shine is the underwater environment. Once you get them in the water, you have the ability to ride them in the water, and you share their oxygen tank which is often huge and they are extremely fast in the water.

Once you have your own Diplocaulus, you can ride it in the water and start farming Chitin. Diplocaulus can one-hit all the Trilobites that you can find in the water. These trilobites are a rich source of Chitin and Raw Meat. What you need to do is simply go on your Diplocaulus for a ride and kill as many trilobites as you can.

For best farming, you should check out the coordinates: 32.5° Latitude and 97.9° Longitude to find a large population of trilobites in a single place. You can search the waters here to get your chitin.

The water here is infested with a lot of enemies, however, you can simply out-swim all of these creatures as Diplocaulus is faster than most of these. A single run can get you enough chitin to last for days.

How to Farm Keratin

Keratin is found off of corpses of animals and dinosaurs in Ark. The best way to farm Keratin is to farm any animal you kill with a Hatchet or Pick. The best yields are by using a chainsaw on the corpses. Using a chainsaw will yield the highest amount of Keratin.

The animal that drops the highest amount of Keratin is an Allosaurus, however, all dinosaurs are on the high end of the spectrum of Keratin Yields. You can also farm Tusoteuthis, Thorny Dragon, and Sabertooths to get Keratin.

The best way to farm for Keratin is to get a Sabertooth for yourself. Tame yourself a Sabertooth and try to get one of a higher level so you can use it effectively.

Ride out and get your Sabertooth to kill the targeted animal. Then, ride your Sabertooth and use it to harvest the now-dead animal. Sabertooths provide a harvesting bonus and it allows you to harvest additional Keratin off of each animal.

Using a Sabertooth makes it easier to not only kill but also take down multiple animals at once and farm them. If you have unrestricted access to your chainsaw, you can easily farm these animals along with your sabertooth to get the most out of these animals to get Keratin.

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