Ark Valguero Chitin Locations

This guide will explore the importance of Chitin all the locations where players are more likely to find it in Ark Valguero.

Chitin is one of the most important resources in Ark Valguero. Chitin is an important part of the exoskeleton of insects and other arthropods. Additionally, it can be found in the intestinal lining, salivary glands, mouth tissues, and muscle attachment points of insects.

Soft-bodied species that produce chitin use it as a mechanical support and protective covering.

In Ark Valguero, Chitin can be found in several places throughout the map. Since they frequently breed in the white cliffs, moths are probably your most dependable source of chitin. Just be aware that there are packs of Deinonychus and Allosaurus, as well as the rare T-Rex, living on the White Cliffs. This guide will explore all the locations where players are more likely to find Chitin.

Ark Valguero Chitin Locations

In Ark Valguero, there are two methods to farm Chitin.

  • Murdering the mother bird in a redwood trench
  • Killing crabs

Players can choose Dino, but for maximum results, apply megatheriums to both techniques.

Wyvern Canyon

As there are quite a few Bugs in the Wyvern Canyon, farming chitin is strongly advised. You may also try the cave entrance, but be careful—a broodmother is spawning there. The coordinates for the cave entrance are as follows:


LON 40.6

LAT 73.1

If you intend to spend a lot of time in this cave, remember to bring a canteen with you. Additionally, avoid the lava since it will kill you.

Wyvern Trench

The Wyvern Trench is where players can take old Megatherium for the greatest use possible. He gains a bonus by slaying bugs, making him the ideal chicken. You gamers may easily enter the wyvern trench, ding, and collect a ton of chitin.

It may be the most effective method for growing chitin to produce cementing paste or whatever else you need it for, like a saddle or other items.

Skeleton Gorge

A region in Ark Valguero known as the Skeleton Gorge is chock-full, well, bones. A large quantities of salt and keratin can be extracted from the bones in the Gorge; thus, this place is rich in Chitin.

The coordinates for the skeletal Gorge are as follows:

LAT 30

LON 45

If you’re flying from the red/green area, there is a mountain with a sizable crystal “mouth.” The opposite side of that mountain is where the Gorge is.

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