Ark Ragnarok Spirit Direwolf Location and Taming Guide

Direwolves are aggressive creatures in Ark Ragnarok and are mostly found in a pack. These predators have sharp eyesight and are extremely loyal once tamed. Spirit direwolves are a special type of Direwolves that are located in Life’s Labyrinth in Ark Ragnarok and spawn as the final mini-boss.

This guide highlights the location where you’ll be able to find a Spirit Direwolf in Ark Ragnarok and teaches you how to tame it as well.

Ark Ragnarok Spirit Direwolf Location

Spirit Direwolves are found in Life’s Labyrinth in Ark Ragnarok. They spawn as the mini-boss in this region. Life’s Labyrinth is a dungeon located in the North of the desert.  The first part of the dungeon is filled with buttons around the wall. They must be pressed in a particular order to proceed forward.

If the buttons are pressed in the correct order, the floor opens and the player drops into the water. Swim in the water to find yourselves a door leading to the Fire Statue Room. Whichever path is taken from the Fire Statue Room will lead the player to the final room, an Oasis with Artifacts and ruins. Spirit Dire wolf and Spirit Dire bear are the mini-bosses in this area.

The following map highlights the location of Spirit Direwolf in Arc Ragnarok:

Ark Ragnarok Spirit Direwolf Location

How to Tame a Spirit Direwolf

To tame Direwolves in Ark Ragnarok, the players need to make preparations. First of all, get the required food such as Superior Kibble, Raw mutton, Raw prime meat, Raw fish meat, Cooked lamb chop, and Cooked prime meat.

Kibble and Raw prime meat are most effective against Direwolves. Secondly, make sure to clear the area of any creature that might interfere in your taming. Similar preparations are required for Spirit Direwolf as well.

An efficient method to approach the pack of Direwolf is on a fast mount such as a raptor. Use a rifle or other ranged weapon to kill the members of the pack you don’t need.

Knock the ones you need using the tranquilizer ammo of your choice.  Another method is to find a cliff or build a stack of pillars with rubble inside. Climb over it and kill the not required direwolves with a gun and knock out the rest to tame them. These methods are effective against Spirit Direwolf as well.

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