ARK Extinction Ice Titan Taming Guide

There are four Titans in ARK Extinction and the Ice Titan is one of them. The Ice Titan will be available soon as a part of the Extinction DLC and thus our ARK Extinction Ice Titan Taming Guide will prepare you for all that you need to do in order to be able to tame it once you have the option to do so.

ARK Extinction Ice Titan Taming

The Titans are mini-bosses that you can kill or tame in order to get to the boss. There are four Titans and you can see their biomes when you spawn. However, one of the Titans has the “Sky” biome and we are not sure where you can fight this Titan.

All of these bosses will be found in the wild as opposed to a specific area or arena.

The Ice Titan is situated inside a cave which you can enter by sticking closely to the GPS coordinates 20.3 latitude and 62.2 longitude.

Once inside, you’ll need to make your way across the artifact to the platform where you’ll offer up certain items to summon the titan.

The items to be offered are listed below:

  • x100 Corrupt Hearts: Obtained by eliminating Corrupt Creatures around the map.
  • x10 Spinosaurus Sails: Found in the inventories of a dead Spinosaurus.
  • x10 Therizino Claws: Acquired as loot from the corpse of Therizinosaurus.
  • x1 Artifact of the Void: Within the cave, you can find the artifact at 13.5 latitude and 84 longitude.

First, it is important to remember that you cannot tame the Ice Titan if you kill it. For that reason, make sure to be careful once the Titan gets to low health as a rash decision by you could mean that you need to fight it all over again.

At the start, you need to attack all of the purple glowing areas on the Titan in order to remove the corruption that is found on the Titan. Make sure to not do too much damage though since the Titan needs to be alive.

The three purple corrupted nodes are situated at the ankle, right shoulder, and chest. Again, you can utilize methods similar to the Forest Titan, where the Mek Seige Cannon Module works wonders.

Alternatively, target the nodes with Tek weapons or assault rifles for good damage. Of course, if you are looking for loot then you can kill it since it does drop decent loot for you.

Remember that the more damage that you deal with the Titan during the corruption removal process; the less likely you are to be able to tame the creature.

Make sure to not damage the Titan when removing the purple bits one by one and then get ready to tame it.

In fact, that is all you need to do in order to tame it. If you have dealt as little damage to the Titan as possible and managed to remove the corruption, then the Titan will be tamed.

There are some certain roles of the Ice Titan that include WarMachine and Legendary Orbital Supply Drop Defense. The Ice Titan can be a devastating tame to have due to its destructive power, ability to freeze opponents, and platform saddle which is the WarMachine role.

Legendary Orbital Supply Drop Defense is used because of its attacks being 10x stronger to corrupted, the Ice Titan can one shot a huge majority of creatures on legendary difficulty with its ground slam dealing 48,759 to corrupted creatures. Only the Enraged Corrupted Rex can tank 3-4 of it’s buffed up ground slams

The Ice Titan comes equipped with a Platform Saddle that you can use when mounted on top of it. There is a cockpit are that you can use to control the Titan.

One of the main advantages of taming the Ice Titan is that it is very agile. On top of that, it has high damage and its attacks can freeze enemies if done correctly as well.

Ice Titan’s weakness is that it gets easily distracted by any nearby Creature. This can allow you some breathing room and to deliver extra damage until it changes to targeting.

Also, it has an attack blindspot outside its right hand and on its flank which is risky when the Ice Titan’s hand can trip your Mek, making you vulnerable to its ground pound.

All in all, taming the Ice Titan has a wealth of advantages that you can avail if you are not that trigger happy and have the patience to not only survive but avoid dealing unnecessary damage to it.

Just remember that once you tame it, the Ice Titan is quite vulnerable in the Pile area so it is best to build something to take care of that, then you can start killing stuff at will!

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