ARK Extinction Ice Titan Taming Guide

This guide will cover other details you need to know for summoning and taming the Ice Titan in Ark Extinction.

Ice Titan is slightly different from other Titans in Ark Extinction as it selects some targets and mainly focuses on taking them out. You can summon it using the Ice Terminal in Snow Dome. This guide will cover other details you need to know for summoning and taming the Ice Titan in Ark Extinction.

ARK Extinction Ice Titan location

Ice Titan is not located at a particular location; you need to summon it using some offerings at the Ice Terminal. You can find Ice Terminal inside a cave whose entrance can be seen on the map below.

  • Red Circle: Cave Entrance Location
  • Green Circle: Ice Terminal Location

The entrance to the Ice Terminal cave is located at 20.3 Latitude and 62.2 Longitude. After entering the cave, you must move forward to collect the Artifact of Void. The exact coordinates for Ice Titan Terminal are 6.7 Latitude and 85.8 Longitude.

Once you get here, you can summon the Forest Titan using the offerings below.

  • x100 Corrupt Hearts: Obtained by eliminating Corrupt Creatures around the map.
  • x10 Spinosaurus Sails: Found in the inventories of a dead Spinosaurus.
  • x10 Therizino Claws: Acquired as loot from the corpse of Therizinosaurus.
  • x1 Artifact of the Void: Within the cave, you can find the artifact at 13.5 latitudes and 84 longitudes.

Ice Titan taming

First, it is important to remember that you cannot tame the Ice Titan if you kill it. For that reason, be careful once the Titan gets too low health, as a rash decision could mean you need to fight it all over again.

At the start, you need to attack all the glowing purple areas on the Titan to remove the corruption found on the Titan. Make sure not to do too much damage, though, since the Titan needs to be alive.

The three purple corrupted nodes are situated at the ankle, right shoulder, and chest. Again, you can utilize methods similar to the Forest Titan, where the Mek Seige Cannon Module works wonders.

Alternatively, target the nodes with Tek weapons or assault rifles for good damage. Of course, if you are looking for loot, you can kill it since it drops decent loot for you.

Remember that the more damage that you deal with the Titan during the corruption removal process, the less likely you are to be able to tame the creature.

Make sure not to damage the Titan when removing the purple bits one by one, and then get ready to tame it.

That is all you need to do to tame it. If you have dealt as minor damage to the Titan as possible and managed to remove the corruption, you can tame it.

Ice Titan advantages

The Ice Titan comes equipped with a Platform Saddle that you can use when mounted on top of it. There is a cockpit area that you can use to control the Titan.

One of the main advantages of taming the Ice Titan is that it is very agile. On top of that, it can deal tremendous damage, and its attacks can freeze enemies if done correctly.

Taming the Ice Titan has many advantages. You can avail yourself if you are not trigger-happy and have the patience to survive and avoid dealing with unnecessary damage.

Remember that once you tame it, the Ice Titan is quite vulnerable in the Pile area, so it is best to build something to take care of that; then, you can start killing stuff at will!

Ice Titan weaknesses

Though the Titan is considered good against carrying out vulnerable attacks, it has some weaknesses. It includes its lack of attention span.

If some other creature is roaming around, his attention will be diverted towards that, giving you time to rest and back your strength up. You can attack him during this period giving him damages.

It is built so that there can be a blind spot that can be proven as an advantage to you. The spot lies on his right side, but you need to be extra careful as it can crush you with its right hand.

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