ARK Extinction Desert Titan Taming Guide

With our ARK Extinction Desert Titan Taming Guide, you will be able to learn all about the Desert Titan in ARK Extinction.

Desert Titan is one of the four Titans you can encounter in Ark Extinction. It is a pretty powerful creature that is accompanied by a lot of small minions called Flock. You can only summon Desert Titan using the Desert Terminal. This guide will cover full details about summoning and taming it in Ark Extinction.

ARK Extinction desert Titan location

In Ark Extinction, you can only summon this creature using the Desert Terminal. The Desert Terminal is located inside a cave in the lower portion of the map.

ARK Extinction Desert Titan

  • Red Circle: Cave Entrance Location
  • Green Circle: Desert Terminal Location

Once you clear through the cave at 87.4 Latitude and 70.4 Longitude, you will find the Artifact of Chaos at 93.8 Latitude and 87.9 Longitude. Right across from this Artifact will lie the platform you can use to summon the Desert Titan at 97.1 Latitude and 90.2 Longitude.

You will need to insert all of the following items to summon the boss titan:

  • x100 Corrupted Heart: Obtained by eliminating Corrupt Creatures around the map.
  • x10 Fire Talons (Wyvern Talon): Acquired by harvesting all types of Wyverns: Fire, Ice, Lightning, and Poison.
  • x10 Sarcosuchus Skin: Acquired as loot from the corpse of Sarcosuchus.
  • x1 Artifact of Chaos: Within the cave, you can find the artifact at 93.9 latitude and 88 longitude.

The titan will then spawn and be visible from any point on the map, thanks to its sheer size.

ARK Extinction desert Titan taming

For the fight against this flying Sky or Desert Titan, you will find it most effective to go with high-level Quetzalcoatlus or Quetzals. Recommended stats for these creatures should fall around 10k Health and 50 Armor with saddles.

Depending on the damage you perform on the titan, you will be able to tame one of the three variations of the Desert Titan. The health for each of these variations is listed below:

  • Alpha Desert Titan: More than 550,000 HP
  • Beta Desert Titan: More than 280,000 HP but less than 550,000 HP
  • Gamma Desert Titan: Less than 280,000 HP.

Thus it is advisable to perform the least amount of damage you can, to get the most viable and efficient form of the Desert Titan. Now for the actual fight, you will need to target and destroy three corrupted nodes on the creature.

Two of these are situated at each of the wings of the titan, while the third one is on the upper part of its tail. These nodes carry a dark purple-blackish pattern, so they will not be hard to notice.

First, move over to one of the corrupted nodes on the wings and use the titan’s shock ability to damage the node. Ignore the flock of birds as they do minimal damage. Also, avoid being hit by a lightning attack because of its damage potential.

As soon as the sparks appear or a prompt on your screen warns you of an incoming lightning strike, move away from the wing, so the damage is caused only on the nodes and not on your character.

Once enough damage is dealt with the nodes, they will start flashing ‘white’, indicating an opportunity for you to attack. Fly in close, and let your Quetzal bite and get rid of the node once and for all.

Repeat the procedure for the remaining two nodes: one on the other wing and the last on its back near the tail. You might need to land your Quetzal occasionally to regain stamina but fly high and back in as soon as it is replenished.

The last corrupted node will take more time and damage to be destroyed than the first two ones. Remaining patient and concentrating shock damage on the nodes, you will soon destroy the last node.

Now land on the Desert Titan and tame it to ride through the skies!

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