Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Phone Guide

The Nook Phone is an item given to the player toward the beginning of the game, and has a variety...

The Nook Phone is an item given to the player toward the beginning of the game, and has a variety of applications that permits the player to access a large number of the game’s new mechanics. This Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Phone guide will go over the device in detail.

Animal Crossing New Horizons Nook Phone

The applications and their uses available through the Nook phone are mentioned below

One of the primary features of the Nook Phone is the camera application! You can move your camera around with different controls to take that ideal photograph!

Your Passport will be your official profile that can be shared with different players. In this app, you can share your island’s name, share a comment or message, native fruits and change your profile photograph!

You can likewise utilize your Nook Phone to monitor your Nook Miles challenges and points. Opening the application will show the challenges you’ve just completed or yet to finish, as well as the points you’ve just earned

Custom Design
You can also tidy up your outfit in a moment by opening up your Custom Designs application on your Nook Phone. You can also check your downloaded designs here from the Nook Link application services.

DIY Recipe
The Nook Phone can be utilized to check your current rundown of DIY recipes. You can also browse these recipes and craft them as long as you have the materials in your bag.

Getting to the island map should be possible by means of the Nook Phone. Here you can check the various locations of focal points, for example, your own location, Resident Services, resident tents and the Airport.

Rescue Service
The Rescue Team application on the Nook Phone will assist you with returning home in case you’re stuck and can’t find your way back. Utilize this alternative when you can’t move forward in the game!

Party Play
On the off chance that there are individuals in your Switch who additionally play Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can call them onto your island with Party Play.

Some other applications are as follow:

  • Nook Shopping
  • Encyclopedia
  • Island Creator
  • Best Friend

Nook Miles Activities List

Activity Stamps Miles
First-Time Seller 1 300
Town Miles! 5
Angling for Perfection 5
Island Togetherness 5
You’ve Got the Bug 5
Have a Nice DIY! 5
DIY Tools 5
Weed Eater 5
Exterior Decorator 5
Treehouse Miles

Nook Miles Novelties List

Item Cost
Nook Inc. aloha shirt 600
Nook Inc. tee 600
Nook Inc. blouson 800
Nook Inc. bandanna. 500
Nook Inc. cap. 500
Nook Inc. eye mask. 400
Nook Inc. socks. 400
Nook Inc. slippers. 400
Nook Inc. knapsack. 800

 Nook Miles Special Items List

Item Cost
Nook Miles Ticket 2,000
Custom Design Pro Editor 800
Pretty Good Tools Recipes 3,000
Tool Ring: It’s Essential. 800
Pocket Organization Guide 5,000
Top 8 Pop Hairstyles. 2400
Top 8 Cool Hairstyles. 2,400
Top 8 Stylish Hair Colors. 3,000
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