How To Find and Defeat Ancient Hero Zamor In Elden Ring

You can find and fight Ancient Hero of Zamor at different locations in Elden Ring. We have covered all three of them and tips to defeat him.

The Ancient Hero of Zamor is a boss which you will encounter at different locations in Elden Ring. This particular boss has the advantage of Frostbite which is a status effect in the game.

Ancient Hero of Zamor Locations in Elden Ring

Below is a list of all the dungeons where you can find this enemy;

Location at Giant Conquering Hero’s Grave

giant conquering hero's grave mountain tops ancient hero of zamor

The Giant Conquering Hero’s Grave is a dungeon located in the Mountaintops of the Giants Region. You can expect to find it above the peak of the Giants’ Mountaintop Catacombs. Head on over to our separate guides on how to reach this peculiar location. You can also choose to fast travel to the Giant-Conquering Hero’s Grave Site of Grace if you already have explored this site. You can find this enemy as the Dungeon Boss at the end of the dungeon.

Defeating this boss at every location will give you two things for certain; Zamor’s Armor and Zamor’s Curved Sword.

Location at Sainted Hero’s Grave

sainted hero's grave elden ring

The Sainted Hero’s Grave is a Fanged Imp-filled dungeon located in the Leyndell Region. This dungeon also offers the Ancient Hero of Zamor as its main boss fight and the boss can be found all the way in the back after clearing out the dungeon. Keep slaying Fanged Imps to gain access to his arena.

Defeating him will also drop his weapon; Zamor’s Curved Sword and his armor; Zamor’s Armor Set.

Location at Weeping Peninsula Evergaol

weeping evergoal ancient hero of zamor location

This enemy can now also be fought at the Weeping Evergaol located in the Weeping Peninsula. This evergaol can be picked up quite early in the game so if you haven’t progressed to any areas mentioned above, you can always come back to the Fourth Church of Marika Site of Grace and travel northeast until you reach this evergaol.

Encountering the boss here is fairly easy. Stock up on yourself with supplies you think you will need, have some sort of Frost Damage Negation on your character, and enter the Evergaol. The boss will span once you leave your spawn location. Like all the other Evergaol bosses, he will require a few moments to get into his fighting mood. You can light him up during this time and inflict heavy damage so you can have a bit more patience in phase two (which will require a lot of patience).

These are all of the locations which spawn the Ancient Hero of Zamor. Like every other dungeon on the map, all of them will require a Stonesword key in order to be activated. Happy Hunting.

Since the boss can be found in different regions, we can’t really suggest a fixed recommended level for this boss. However, at minimum, you should have your weapon upgraded to at least +3 with Smithing Stones or to +2 with Somber Smithing Stones.

For Mountaintops Zamor, it’s recommended that players are above level 100.

Tips to Defeat Ancient Hero of Zamor

Like the Scarlet Rot, Frostbite buildup will cause your movements to become slower than usual and will also eat away at your health bar by causing a 20% increase in damage taken for 30 seconds. This can be avoided in many ways, one of them is upgrading your Robustness. The Robustness stat can be tanked by upgrading Endurance.

The Ancient Hero of Zamor has a two-phase battle. The second phase will begin after you damage its health bar by 50%. At this time, the boss will perform a move equipping its armor leading to less effective attacks. His blows will also cause increased Frostbite buildup.

This boss also has a pretty limited moveset. The two moves to watch out for are the blow where he blows frost on the land in front of him and the cyclone where a frost cyclone will appear around him. Other than that, his moves are pretty much-spinning slashes that can be parried.

The Ancient Hero of Zamor is quick on his feet and can close the gap in the blink of an eye. For this fight, we would suggest that you keep your distance and watch his moves. Once his move is complete, find the opening, get in a few good strikes, and back away. This tactic should carry you out for the battle.

To minimize the Frostbite buildup, you should keep Bestial Constitution Incantation and Thawfrost Boluses. They’re known for their regenerative properties and minimizing Frostbite buildup.

Generally, the boss is relatively easier to beat with long-range attacks so if you are a mage, you shouldn’t have a hard time dealing with him with the right elements. Generally, Ancient Hero Zamor is weak to lightning and fire attacks so you should use them to deal extra damage.

Although he has a variety of attacks at his disposal, they aren’t that hard to block or dodge if you pay a little attention. Like many bosses in Elden Ring, patience is going to be key if you want to bring down this boss.

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