Where to Find Ancient Dragon Prayer Book In Elden Ring

Ancient Dragon Prayer Book can be found in Crumbling Farum Azula. You can give it to Miriel, Pastor of Vows, or Brother Corhyn to learn spells.

While progressing through Elden Ring, you will come across many spells of different kinds. Dragon cult incantation revolves around those spells that have draconic spells like lighting and deal lighting damage.

Like any other incantations, you must have required Faith and a Sacred Seal to cast it. A couple of these Dragon cult incantations are in Ancient Dragon Prayer Book. However, getting the spellbook is not enough; you must also bring the book to a merchant to buy the spells in the book for some Runes.

After buying it, you can memorize the spell from any Site of Grace to use it in the battle. This guide will help you with Ancient Dragon Prayer Book location and what to do with it..

Ancient Dragon Prayer Book location in Elden Ring

ancient dragon prayerbook location

As you can see from the map image above, this spellbook (Ancient Prayer Dragon Book) is in Crumbling Farum Azula (The Floating Island). This Floating Island is the end-game island that can be unlocked when you fight and kill the Fire Giant boss.

After defeating the boss, you must agree with Melina to burn the Erdtree, which unlocks Crumbling Farum Azula. After arriving at the Crumbling Beast Grave (First Site of Grace), turn left and walk forward until you are in the open area.

Jump down and walk forward because you don’t have to fight any dragons flying above you. Enter the area on your left at the far end. Turn right, and you will arrive at another Site of Grace (Crumbling Beast Grave Depths). You can rest here to unlock this Site of Grace.

crumbling beast site of grace

Keep walking forward, and you enter a room full of graves. While ignoring the enemy, enter the area marked in the image above. Walk down the stairs and turn right, and you will see something glowing beside the pile of rubble.

Before grabbing the book, kill the enemies ahead because they will rush at you. After dealing with these foes, grab the Ancient Dragon Prayer Book. There is another Site of Grace (Tempest-Facing Balcony) on the balcony, rest there to unlock it too, so it is easier for you to travel here.

How to use Ancient Dragon Prayer Book

As it is a spellbook, you will be learning some new and exciting spells. But grabbing the book will not allow you to learn these spells. There are two places where you will learn the two spells (Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Strike and Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Spear).

You give the Ancient Dragon Prayer Book to Miriel, Pastor of Vows, or Brother Corhyn to learn spells. Miriel is a pope turtle who will be in the Church of Vows (near the Church of Vows Site of Grace) west of Liurnia. Brother Corhyn is another merchant in Roundtable Hold who will help you learn these spells.

It is worth mentioning that Brother Coryhn might have moved to Altus Plateau, near Goldmask. It is better to meet Miriel because he never changes places.

After meeting with either merchant, resent them the Ancient Prayer Dragon Book, and they will ask you to pay 10,000 Runes for Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Strike and 8,500 Runes for Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Spear.

After paying their price, you can perform these Dragon cult incantations. Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Spear is a spell where you can stab your enemy with the red lighting spear from above. It is a close-range AOE that is effective when you are surrounded by a large number of enemies.

Lighting Spear will deal lighting and 22 stance damage to enemies for 25 Focus Points. To use this Dragon cult incantation, you must have 32 Faith and a memory sloth. You can also boost it with Gravel Stone Seal to increase its power.

Ancient Dragons’ Lightning Strike is another Dragon cult incantation from the Ancient Dragon Book. In this spell, you can summon red lighting that spreads after hitting someone. It is highly effective against big enemies like giants and dragons because each lightning deals its damage.

You can charge before using this incantation because charging increases the range and number of bolts. It deals Lightning damage with the cost of 35 Focus Points. To use this incantation or spell, you must have 36 Faith and one memory slot.

Can you get Ancient Dragon Prayer Book early?

By normal means, which we have already discussed, no you can’t get it early and you will have to progress through the story to reach Crumbling Farum Azula. However, if you are up for it, there is a glitch you can use to get there early in the game. This video shows you exactly how you can do that. Good Luck!

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