Elden Ring Fire Giant Boss Guide

Fighting bosses that are thrice the size of a beast can be tough to tackle and can make you vulnerable to significant damage. However, we’ve got your back! In this guide, we’ll be looking at the threatening Fire Giant Boss in Elden Ring and providing tips and tricks to defeat him.

Elden Ring Fire Giant Location

Once players have defeated the Morgott, the Omen King, and unlocked the Mountaintops of the Giants area in Elden Ring, they can finally fight the Fire Giant Boss near the Forge of the Giants.

Fire Giant Boss is one of the most challenging enemies to deal with in Elden Ring. He’s enormous and has many tricks up his sleeves to give you a big-time challenge.

He’s ruthless with his magic and physical attacks and has no problem taking damage due to his annoyingly large health pool. And to make matters worse, his fight divides into two phases. We know, fun, ugh.

However, you don’t have to lose too much sweat thinking about how you will deal with this beast as we’ve figured out some of his weaknesses and ways to exploit this giant! Here are our instructions and tips to carry out both phases of this boss fight.

Fire Giant Recommended Level and Weaknesses

When facing the Fire Giant, you must be at level 110 (minimum). Anything below that level will get destroyed in seconds, and you will not stand a chance against this beast.

Once you’ve reached the required level, it’s time to face the Fire Giant Boss. But before you do, you must know its weaknesses too. Only then can you survive a battle against him.

The Fire Giant shows weaknesses towards Slashing damage. During both phases of the fight, he has different weaknesses. During the first phase, you must focus on dealing damage to his ankle, while during the second stage, you must aim at the eye he opens on his chest.

Fire Giant Attacks and Counters

Below we’ve given all attacks in Fire Giants’ arsenal with their respective counters.

Avalanche (Phase#1)

Using this attack, the boss will put his plate on the floor and use it to throw snow at you. This attack can be countered by moving aside or going at the back of the boss to avoid damage.

Jump Smash (Phase#1)

In this attack, Fire Giant leaps in mid-air and slams his plate onto the ground. This attack can be countered by using I-frames to dodge the plate.

Plate Swing (Phase#1)
A simple move where Fire Giant swings his plate at the opponent. You can dodge the attack by passing through the plate.

Stomp (Phase#1)

A low damage attack where the boss stomps the ground. Move aside before the foot reaches the ground.

Gamboll (Phase#1)

Fire Giant raises his plate above his head and performs a Gamboll. You can simply move behind the boss to avoid the damage from this attack.

Fire Blast (Phase#1-2)

The boss blasts a fire projectile towards his targets. This attack can be countered once the projectile is seen in his hand.

Flame of the Fell God (Phase#2)

Probably the most dangerous attack in his arsenal. Using this attack, the boss summons a few orbs that follow the opponents and explode, dealing damage and causing a field of fire. All you can do here is trick the orb into getting exploded at the wrong target.

Burning Field (Phase#2)

Soon after he roars, his hands are igniting and are slammed onto the ground, causing a fire patch to spawn. You can avoid the damage from this attack by sprinting before the fire patches catch you.

Volcano (Phase#2)

After a roar, he moves back a bit and discharges rock in the air. The only thing you can do is sprint for your life.

Roll (Phase#2)

Using this attack, the giant rolls away from his current location to face another direction. You must stay behind the boss to avoid the damage.

Swipe (Phase#2)

He’ll swipe anything in its way from different directions using this attack. You have two options, either move to the back of the giant or roll away from his hands

How to Defeat the Fire Giant Boss in Elden Ring

Before we jump into the fight, let’s look into some crucial tips to save you some time and energy. First, we recommend you always wear armor to give you maximum resistance against this boss.

Of course, we know that it’s a given to wear the best armor set for boss fights anyway, but take extra measures when in the arena with Fire Giant. However, don’t equip something too heavy as it can restrict your movement.

This fight allows you to get on your horse during the battle, which can be crucial for dodging and generally having good mobility. We also recommend not getting greedy with charging attacks and losing all energy; instead, have enough stamina to avoid Fire Giant’s attacks.

Also, due to the composition of Fire Giant’s body, his mobility will be very slow so use that time to make as many attacks as possible and give him maximum damage.

Additionally, if you have any weapons that have the status effects of Bleed and Scarlet Rot, use them in this fight.

Fire Giant can get devastating damage through these weapons, and it will help you drain as much health out of him as you want.

And something we beg you not to do is summoning other players! The more players you invite, the bigger the health pool for this tough boss gets. The fight will get exhausting and take forever to end. Fight this boss alone with the instructions we’ve provided below for each phase.

Phase One

Phase one of this boss fight requires you to focus on the Fire Giant’s weak spot. Fire Giant’s left heel is his vulnerable spot that receives a lot of damage upon contacting attacks. However, before you can do that, you’ll need to take care of his snow shoveling attacks.

The Fire Giant will point his saucer towards you and charge a large wave of a snowstorm.

It can be deadly if you come in contact with it, so brace yourself to dodge it. Try being close to him to avoid this attack, as he only does this if you’re far.

Once the attack dies down, hop onto your horse and get near his feet. However, be careful as you’re approaching since you can get stomped on.

Now that you’re near him, you’ll realize that his foot is covered in band-aids. Unleash some attacks towards them to break them apart.

This will stun the boss for some time and unveil the wound behind the band-aids. Keep attacking the boss while being careful of his frontal slams followed by a swipe. Although this attack is easy to dodge, it can still get you and provide a lot of damage.

While doing all this, you also have to be careful of Fire Giant’s fire spells. He has three types of attacks; explosive fire orbs, fast fireball, and feet eruption.

Dodge these attacks and make sure you’re not at any part of the ground that is on fire as it will explode soon and cause a lot of damage.

The boss will also often start rolling towards his left as one of his attacks. It can instantly kill you if you’re on the wrong side.

Avoid these attacks and keep attacking the Fire Giant’s heel until half of his health pool drains out and the second phase begins.

Phase Two

At the beginning of phase two, the Fire Giant will rip his feet out, and the eye on his chest will open up. We know, creepy.

As much as it looks scary, this eye will become the source to bring this boss to death. This is his second weak spot, so get ready to attack it.

For this part of the fight, the boss will become more mobile and will mainly use his hands to advance damage towards you.

Quickly jump on your horse and dodge the boss and his attacks towards you. Then, run around him and unleash your strikes.

Hit as much towards his legs and back as you can. The mobility with your horse will save you, so use it endlessly. Be on the constant watch for Fire Giant’s body slams as they will expose his eye more, and you can directly strike towards it.

However, there are numerous attacks that you need to beware of as you execute the attacks mentioned above from your end. Like the first phase, do not get far from the boss as he will begin firing fireballs. Contacting them entails catastrophic damage.

Also, don’t get underneath the Fire Giant, as he will roll around and crush you. And if he planks forward, it means it’s time to run. He will be spitting fire, so you need to exit his radius.

The primary strategy to adopt in this phase is to stay close to the boss but towards his backside. Coming in front puts you in danger of being crushed under his body slams. Keep attacking the eye and dodging his attacks until he falls dead.

Fire Giant Drops

Defeating the Fire Giant will reward players with 180,000 Runes and Remembrance of the Fire Giant which can be traded with Enia in Roundtable Hold for Giant’s Red Braid whip or Burn O Flame incantation.

How to Cheese Fire Giant

If you’re struggling to kill the Giant beast known as the Fire Giant, you might want to use your Swarm of Flies incantation that requires 11 Faith and 20 Arcane and the stats as per your choice.

Once you have your attributes ready, you must equip a Bloodhound Claw. After equipping these two items, head into the fight and spam the Swarm of Flies spell as it inflicts bleed, and this entire fight depends upon bleed infliction.

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