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Persona 5 Shido Palace Guide – Entering the Restaurant, Shido Statues Puzzle, Boss Fight Tips

Persona 5 Shido Palace Guide to walk you through the palace, defeat the enemies in it, and defeat the boss at the end.

You should easily be able to infiltrate Shido Palace starting 11/25 until 12/18. You can complete the Shido Palace in one day. However, do not forget to enter before 12/15. Head inside the Palace whenever you are ready!

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Persona 5 Shido Palace Guide

In our Persona 5 Shido Palace Guide, we have detailed everything you need to know about infiltrating the dungeon and defeating the boss inside.

Persona 5 Shido Palace

Entrance Area

From the Entrance Hall, head over to the Third Floor and inside the room. Beware of the Shadows patrolling the floor hallways and always prioritize them.

Finding the Letters of Referral

From the Central Hall, head down the area to the south side and up the stairs. Go through the door into the next room. From this room, head down a floor and take the door on the southeast edge to find the Restaurant.

Once you are in the Restaurant, speak to the waiter to learn about the Membership Card and head back to the Central Hall.

Central Hall

Once you are back in the Central Hall, head up the stairs and in the northwest edge of the second floor. Eavesdrop on the conversation to learn about a lost Membership Card.

Now head down a floor and speak to the bartender in the northeast edge of the area. Ask him about the lost Membership Card and he will hand it over. Now that you have the Membership Card, it is time to head back to the Restaurant.


Once inside the Restaurant, show the Membership Card to the waiter and he will let you inside. After speaking with Mr. Ooe, defeat him using critical strikes and some ranged abilities.

Once you have defeated Mr. Ooe, receive your first Letter of Introduction and use the elevator on the northwest edge of the Restaurant to proceed into the next area.

Mid Starboard Hallway

Head inside the room with an active Shido Statue to transform into a mouse and head inside an east duct. After retaining your human appearance, open the southern door and proceed through another door on the north side.

From the new area, head down the path on the west side and arrive in a large room with some Shadows. Head to the east side and crawl through the duct on the north wall.

Open the west door and proceed through the rooms to interact with a statue that will disable all the nearby Shido Statues. Once done, head back to the area from where you came earlier.

Head to the east path and towards the south side to open a previously inaccessible door. In addition to this, open the locked door to the west as you head down the south side.

While proceeding towards the elevator, head towards the west side to find an optional chest. Once done, head towards the southwest edge of the area and head inside the elevator at the end of the area.

Pool Deck

There is a Safe Room to the south side and a Treasure Demon in the northeast edge of the area. Make sure to check both of these before progressing ahead! Once done, head north out of the Pool Deck.

Proceed to the southwest side of the area and speak to the NPC with a speech bubble over his head. After your initial attempt, head over to the woman on the southeast section of the pool area and speak to her.

Now head to the west side and speak to the waiter about renting swimsuits. Sadly, doing so requires a Boarding Pass.

To get into the Fitting Rooms, head around the stairs you took earlier and into a duct on the wall. Simply examine the Fitting Room Stalls to continue ahead! For the fight with the Former Noble, try to have Haru and Ryuji on your team. Once done, head over to the northeast section of the Pool Deck and proceed into the Upper Starboard Hallway.

Upper Starboard Hallway

From the corridor, head left to turn into a mouse again and head east. Take the second right and continue to follow the path to unlock a door. Now return to the mouse corridor and into a vent on the south side, just before the end.

Unlock the door ahead, head south and then unlock another door on the west side. Head back a little and find the Switch Room on the south side. There is no need to hit the switch now so head west and inside a vent on the southwest edge of the area. Now head west and inside the room at the end of the corridor.

From the vent, unlock the western door and into the Switch Room. Return to human form and exit using the east door. Continue to follow the path and access an elevator on the east side of the area.

Back Deck

Use a Safe Room down the stairs and head to the northern side of the lower floor. Encounter The Cleaner and proceed through the door into the Entertainment Hall.

Entertainment Hall

Find a Safe Room down the stairs and speak to the woman on the opposite side. For the fight against Shadow TV President, try to deal with the minions before tackling the main enemy. Once done, proceed to Lower Port Hallway.

Lower Port Hallway

Head straight ahead and exit in the southwest side. Follow the corridor and take the second turn on your right before taking a left to come across a locked door. At this point, use the mouse switch, double back, and turn right.

Continue to follow the corridor and enter the vent ahead. You need to leave the room through the doorway on the north side of the vent and unlock the door. Now hit the mouse switch again, double back, and exit through the north door.

Head left after exiting and head up some stairs. Continue round the corner and head down some stairs followed by heading left and then north. From there, continue to follow the path into the Switch Room.

Once inside, hit the switch and head to the east side. Now head inside the vent on the south side and head west into the Switch Room and hit it again. You need to leave the area via the south door and open the farthest door, round the corridor.

Now head to the Switch Room and hit the switch again. Once done, head east, south via the vent, down the south corridor, and inside the room at the very end. Use the vent on the east wall and head into a large room.

After transforming into a mouse, head to the south side of the room and exit through the vent on the right of the door.

Use the Safe Room and head towards the west to encounter The Cleaner one more time. From there, proceed towards the Mid Port Hallway.

Mid Port Hallway

The first thing that you need to do is to head inside the Mouse Room on the north side and take the south vent of the west wall. From there, head west to find another Mouse Room and use the south vent to unlock the east door.

At this point, you need to use the southeast room and find the Switch Room on the north side. After hitting the switch, head to the southeast room and exit the area towards the Central Hall.

After arriving in the Main Area, talk to the people and head to the Restaurant. After speaking to the waiter, head down to get to the Side Deck.

Side Deck 2 – Shadow IT President

Head to the outside wall of the ship to deal with the Shadow IT President. The fight is not terribly difficult if you manage to focus on minions before the main enemy first.

Engine Room

Head through the vent to meet The Cleaner once again. Once done, head north to meet another familiar foe who is not too intimidating. Defeat the foe to trigger a cut-scene and head towards the Central Passage and Hall.

Proceed through the large door and use the elevator to find the treasure and return to the real world.

Shiro Boss Fight

During this boss fight, I highly recommend saving your resources for the second phase of the fight. The second phase, try to keep your party as healthy as possible.

This is all we have on our Persona 5 Shido Palace Guide. If there were anything else you would like to add let us know in the comments section below!