Kingdoms of Amalur Sagecrafting Guide – Gem Crafting Recipes

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Sagecrafting is another crafting method in Reckoning in which Shards are used to create Gems on Altars, which can then be used on weapons and armor to imbue special qualities and properties. As noticed, the raw materials for sage-crafting are Shards.

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Sagecrafting Shards

Shards are basic crystals that you find and use on Altars to create Gems. Shards have different types of qualities. The three known qualities are:

  • Cloudy
  • Lambent
  • Pristine

Shards are of various types, and their names clearly indicate the properties that they would enhance. Elemental shards create elemental gems which give elemental damage when used with weapons, and elemental defense when used with armor.

Some of the shards are:

  • Fire Shard
  • Ice Shard
  • Lightning Shard
  • Magic Shard
  • Physical Shard
  • Poison Shard
  • Protection Shard

Types of Gems and Gem Recipes

Gems are processed crystal shards that imbue qualities or properties in weapons and/or armor. There are four types of gems:

Click through the links for all possible shards combinations for Weapons, Armor, Utility and Epic Gems.

Gem Recipes
Like Alchemy, there are set combinations to create certain effects. Unlike Alchemy, you can preview the result of Sagecrafting before performing it, you are never sagecrafting blindly.

There 196 different combinations (7 shard types, 2 shards per gem, 4 categories) with some overlap. For instance, Fire + Protection and Ice + Protection both give + Physical Damage when used as a weapon gem.

An example of the gem recipe is Gem of Sparks – 1x Cloudy Lightning Shard, 1x Cloudy Magic Shard. When used on weapon, it adds +3 Lightning damage and a 10 Lightning Damage duration attack to the weapon.

Click through the links above for all possible shards combinations for Weapons, Armor, Utility and Epic Gems.

Leveling Sagecraft

Sagecraft is leveled in the same way as Alchemy and Blacksmithing:


Rank 1: Better quality shards drop more often.

Rank 2: Milestone: You can create powerful gems using lambent quality shards, better quality shards drop more often.

Rank 3: Milestone: You can strengthen shards by combining two of the same quality to get one of the next highest quality, better quality shards drop more often.

Rank 4: Better quality shards drop more often.

Advanced: (required level 8*)

Rank 5: Better quality shards drop more often.

Rank 6: Milestone: You can create more powerful gems using pristine quality shards, better quality shards drop more often.

Rank 7: Better quality shards drop more often.

Master: (required level 16)

Rank 8: Milestone: You can craft epic gems, better quality shards drop more often.

Rank 9: Better quality shards drop more often.

Rank 10: Milestone: You can remove gems from any socket at a Sagecraft altar, better quality shards drop more often.

Sagecraft Altars

Altars, similar to workbenches and forges, are where Shards are strengthened and/or turned into respective Gems. Altars are located in the following regions:

  • Gorhart in Odarath
  • Didenhil in Glendara
  • St. Hadwyn’s Mission
  • House of Ballads
  • Gossamer End in Webwood
  • Helmgard Keep
  • Rathir
  • Adessa

If you find anything missing, let us know!

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