Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning – All Trainer Locations

Every Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Trainer location with levels and tiers.

In Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning, you have two options: either improve your skills on your own by spending the gold, or you can follow some NPCs that can train you for good, which is why we prepared this Kingdoms of Amalur Reckoning Trainers Locations guide.

We call them trainers as they can increase your skills by 1. Each trainer has a certain skill window, and if you have skills that are lower or more than the limit, you can’t get training from that particular trainer.

If you exceed the maximum skill level of any trainer, you will have to Fate-weave yourself to buy the skill point, which would be expensive.

These trainers will appear on your map once you have discovered their location. They are marked as little sword icons on the map, so try not to miss them to get the valuable bonus in the form of skill points.

Following is the list of the trainers and the skill point window so that you can find them and harness the reward.


While the guide was written for the original release, you can also use this guide if you are playing the remastered Kingdoms of Amalur Re-reckoning. And if you want Kingdoms of Amalur Skill Book Locations, we have a guide on that as well.

Alchemy Trainers

Alchemy is a skill that allows players to create potions that aid in the game. These potions have different effects, ranging from healing the players to an increase in damage.

Trainer TierLocationLevel
BasicCity of Ysa0 to 3
BasicBlue Bear Tavern in Emaire (western Forsaken Plain)0 to 3
JourneymanScholia Arcana Academy in Rathir4 to 6
MasterCaeled Coast7 to 9
MasterGravehall Keep7 to 9

Blacksmithing Trainers

Blacksmithing skill allows players to repair armor and weapons after use or damage. Players can also create entirely new gear from extracted and salvaged items that fill the requirements.

Trainer TierLocationLevel
BasicShieldring Keep0 to 3
BasicCity of Ysa0 to 3
BasicOdarath East0 to 3
JourneymanMenetyre4 to 6
MasterMel Senshir7 to 9

Detect Hidden Trainers

Detect Hidden skill is very useful when players are out on the hunt for chests and loot. This skill aids in finding the treasure and even increases the amount of gold found throughout the game.

Trainer TierLocationLevel
BasicGorhart Inn0 to 3
BasicCity of Ysa0 to 3
JourneymanSun Camp in Detyre4 to 6
JourneymanApotyre4 to 6
MasterMel Senshir7 to 9

Dispelling Trainers

Dispelling is a skill that dispels any protective wards applied to an area or enemy territory without harming yourself. An unsuccessful dispel, however, will damage your health and may even put a curse on you.

Trainer TierLocationLevel
Basic Eric Porthe at the Adessa Walls (only in the evening)0 to 3
BasicTrellis in the City of Ysa0 to 3
JourneymanScholia Arcana Academy in Rathir4 to 6
MasterThe Midden7 to 9

Lockpicking Trainers

Lockpicking, as the name suggests, grants players the mastery over picking mechanical locks in the game to bypass security.

Trainer TierLocationLevel
BasicThrovald Ulfsson in southeastern Lorca-Rane0 to 3
BasicGalafor0 to 3
JourneymanHospitaler Quarters in Adessa Walls4 to 6
MasterCeled Coast7 to 9

Mercantile Trainers

Mercantile is a skill that is somewhat similar to bargaining in real life. This skill allows players to buy items in-game for less price and sell for more that the usual price.

Trainer TierLocationLevel
BasicStar Camp in Dalentart0 to 3
BasicAnton Demian in northern Alserund0 to 3
BasicHaxhi0 to 3
JourneymanMoon Camp in the Plains of Erathell4 to 6
JourneymanPlains of Erathell in Tywili Coast4 to 6
MasterMel Senshir7 to 9
MasterGallows End in Gravehal Keep7 to 9

Persuasion Trainers

Persuasion is a skill that comes in handy when interacting with NPCs. The higher the level of this skill, the more likely the conversation will go in your favor and you will benefit from it. Good persuasion can save you from confrontation and even get items from NPCs.

Trainer TierLocationLevel
BasicHouse of Ballads0 to 3
BasicRathir, in the Upper City0 to 3
JourneymanAdessa Isles4 to 6
MasterMel Senshir7 to 9

Sagecraft Trainers

Sagecraft skill grants players the ability to forge gems out of shards collected throughout the game. These gems can be used to power up your gear (weapons, armor). More skill level means you are highly likely to find better and more rare shards to forge gems from.

Trainer Tier LocationLevel
BasicCity of Ysa0 to 3
JourneymanScholia Arcana Academy in Rathir4 to 6
JourneymanPlains of Erathell in Rathir4 to 6
MasterKlurikon in The Keening7 to 9

Stealth Trainers

Stealth is a useful skill to have. This skill allows players to hide their movement and sneak past enemies with ease. This skill comes in handy when you desire to perform silent kills. A higher level means more silence in your movement and an increase in the ability to be undetected.

Trainer TierLocationLevel
BasicStar Camp in Dalentarth0 to 3
BasicMoon Camp in Plains of Erathell0 to 3
JourneymanHospitaler Quarters in Adessa Walls4 to 6
MasterAlabastra in Shadow Pass7 to 9
MasterGallows End in Gravehal Keep7 to 9
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