Final Fantasy 13-2 Side Quests Guide

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Final Fantasy 13-2 encourages you to explore the hidden areas and find hidden objects like Fragments by completing several side-quests that are necessary evil if you are aiming for platinum trophy or 1000 gamer-score points.

In this guide we will outline some of these side-quests that are required for different achievements and trophies. If you find any note-worthy side-quest missing, comment and let us know. We will keep updating this guide based on feedback.

For more help on FF13-2, read our Paradox Endings, Fragments Locations and Artifacts Locations.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Side Quests

100% Enemy Report
Find ‘Doctor M’ in City of Academia AF4XX. Talk to Doctor M and accept ‘100% Enemy Report’ in exchange for ‘Monster Doctorate’ fragment. It requires you to defeat all monsters in Final Fantasy 13-2 (Total 200).

If you are explorer type who doesn’t run from any fight, you should be able to complete 90% of the Enemy Report during the main-story. There are few monster that are a bit tricky to find and they are:

Demi-Fal’Cie Adam (3rd Form) – You will find it in Augustia Tower AF200. It requires you to intentionally fail the QTEs on the 2nd form.

Sacred Beast Monsters – These three monsters spawn in the northeast corner of the City of Academia AF500. Look for them in the circular platform directly to the right of where the Final boss battle begins.

This platform either spawns one monster or a group of two. After you have killed one or two of these at this platform, you will have to do a time-reversal on the area and go back all the way to the northeast corner for the next spawn.

Sabotenders (Cactuars) (7) – Metal Sabotender (Cactuar) can be found in A Dying World AF700. Remaining six appear in Archylte Steppe under different weather.

Among these ‘The Sabotender (Cactuar)’ is the most tricky to defeat. When you are fighting with male in Archylte, don’t defeat it right away, defend and heal for a while because it may transform into ‘The Sabotender’.

There is one rare Sabotender ‘Metal Jabotender (Gigantuar)’ here as well. It appears in Archylte Steppe and looks like Atilla, Death Gaze, Don Tonberry and other rare forms of monsters.

Gaiselikku – You can find this monster in the northwest side of the City of Academia AF400. You will first see it in the Episode 4 and the encounter may have resulted in your death. Return there and take your revenge.

Dreadnought – You can find this monster on the south-side of the Vile Peaks AF010 in metallic tunnels. Dreadnought has a very low spawn rate and it will take a lot of running back and forth to find it.

Read our Hidden Monsters and Rare Monsters Location guide for more!

100% Map Completion
Look for an NPC in the southeast section of the map in City of Academia AF400. The NPC’s name is Miss Horizon, she’s up in the rafters next to Chocolina in the South East (bottom right) area of Academia 400 AF (the one swarmed with monsters). You will see Chocolina first when you approach her, she is behind a green forcefield that you are able to walk through (NOT THE ONE BY THE SHOP).

She will reward you with fragment for all 9 locations – Bresha Ruins, Mt. Yaschas, Oerba Village, Sunleth Waterscape, City of Academia, Augustia Tower, Archylte Steppe, Vile Peaks and A Dying World).

Bring her a 100% completed map to get 10 fragments. 10th fragment is a reward for completing all 9 locations specified above. You will need to travel between different times (past, present, future) in which a location exists. You will find different sections of the map blocked off in one time and accessible in other.

You may need Chocobos to reach certain sections of the map. You can check the completion of a map by looking at the map or the map items listed under ‘Key Items’. Get the fragments once you have completed all 9 locations.

Brain Blitz Quiz Anwers
You will find Captain Cryptic in City of Academia AF4XXX and upon completing his quiz you can win up to 5 fragments. The most annoying part of this side-quest is finding Daddy Bear because he vanishes each time you answer his question and respawns randomly at different locations throughout City of Academia. To find him, you can use our Captain Cryptic’s Location Map which shows his random spawn points throughout the city. For all the answers to Captain Cryptic’s quiz, read our Captain Cryptic’s Quiz Guide.

Captain Cryptic is not the only one with questions, there are four terminals scattered throughout City of Academia where you can take Brain Blitz Quiz. For detailed quiz answers for these four terminals, follow the links below:

  1. Grand Avenue Square Quiz
  2. New Town Southwest Terminal Quiz
  3. New Town Entrance Terminal Quiz
  4. New Town North Terminal Quiz

Serendipity – Chocobo Racing and Slot Machines
You can read our in-depth Serendipitous guide on how to play these mini-games and unlock the trophy/achievement.

9 responses to “Final Fantasy 13-2 Side Quests Guide”

  1. raz ali says:

    hi with the 100% map completion quest, i have completed 100% of the map in arychylte steppe + academdia but the girl in academdia dont give me a fragment for some reason. it says 100% complete when i go on the map for academdia + archylte steppe. with new bodhum i can find the last 2% there isnt any shaded area when i look on the map. also in bresha ruins i cant get to a part where its block and i dont know how to get there tried on both bresha ruins area. its the part where the people and the gate is.
    would greatlyu appreicate it if you could help

  2. Michael Knight says:

    Gaiselikku is what you have on the page, but elsewhere it is called Geiseric.

  3. brandon says:

    Hey, trying to get my Dr.M side quest done its my last fragment but i need some help, doi have to have a checkmark beside all the monsters in the beastiary? also what are these sabotenders you say are in dying world, is it the metal cactus things? ive been running around dying world and arch steppe for like 2 days and havnt saw one, and i have the fragment skills for harder monsters n more encounters, plz advice? where in the steppe should i be, ur guide says plains of something, but thier is only plains of eternity in the steppe….HELP PLZ?

    • They can be found right outside the village in cloudy/overcast weather. Actually, SE changed the names of these monsters in NA/EU versions of the game, hence the confusion. Following are what you are referring to:

      Cactuar = Archylte Cactuar; can be found by the Teleporter near village under sunny weather.

      Sir Cactuar/The Cactuar = Archylte Cactuar Teleporter, sunny weather, wait during the battle against the Cactuar until he evolves.

      Miss Cactuar = Archylte Cactuar Teleporter near village, spawns under changed weather.

      Metalic Cactuar = The Dying World as described.

      Cactenior = Archylte Cactuar Teleporter near village, sandstorm weather.

      Gigantuar = Archylte Cactuar Summon Statue.

      Metalic Gigantuar = Archylte wasteland-part between the village and the lake, also the giant earth fissure right before the lake, sunny & rainy weather.

      The Metalic Gigantuar is one of 5 rare monsters:

      Among other for 100% enemy report:
      Metalic Gigantuar = Archylte AF???
      Death Gaze = Yaschas AF 110
      Tonberry = Snowy Bresha Ruins
      Don Tonberry = Forested Bresha Ruins
      Atilla = Oerba AF 400 Beach

      I hope this helps.

  4. Kyle says:

    Just for clarification for anyone who may be lost looking for \an NPC in the southeast section of the map\ for the 100% map completion quest.

    The NPC’s name is Miss Horizon, she’s up in the rafters next to Chocolina in the South East (bottom right) area of Academia 400 AF (the one swarmed with monsters). You will see Chocolina first when you approach her, she is behind a green forcefield that you are able to walk through (NOT THE ONE BY THE SHOP). Hope this helps!

    Also, thank you for your detailed side quest guide!

  5. andreikis says:

    Hello I have got stuck on квесете Dr.m (100 % Enemy Report) I can not fill completely base (in base already 200 enemies) +1 Geiseric which I cannot add in base as it has disappeared from a location Academy AF400. What to me to do?

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