Final Fantasy 13-2 Captain Cryptic Map Locations Guide

Daddy Bear/ Captain Cryptic is an NPC in City of Academia AF4XXX who will reward you with 5 fragments if you answer his questions correctly. This guide will help you with Final Fantasy 13-2 Captain Cryptic Map Locations and Quiz answers.

Captain Cryptic will ask questions about FF13-2, FF13 and general Final Fantasy questions during his quiz.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Captain Cryptic Map Locations

You will need Moogle Hunt to detect him. Though you have unlimited tries but once you give an answer, be it right or wrong, he will vanish and spawn randomly on the different locations throughout the map.

Questions he asks are limited so they will repeat after few tries which makes it easier to answer correctly as you play more of his quiz.

Each prize will be offered after consecutive right answers, like the first question you answer will give you the reward, and for the fourth reward you would need to answer four questions right consecutively.

The rewards for the first two questions also earn you 400 CP each, the next two award you 600 CP each, and for five consecutive answers you get 1000 CP, along with the fragments at each level

Finding him is annoying but you do need fragments right ? so refer to the map with pin-point locations where he usually spawns:

When you meet Daddy Bear for the first time you will find him in the Academy Headquarters in the Entrance area. After this he can spawn at a number of different places.

With a total of 11 different places he may appear, seven in and around Grand Avenue, three in New Town, and one in the Alley.

Sometimes the NPCs will help you find the Captain, listen to their dialogues, if they say “East” then Captain Cryptic can likely be found in Grand Avenue or the Alley.

If they say anything akin to “West” he will be in New Town, they might even directly say his current location to you. Still can’t find him? Look for him in corners, dark places, behind cover of large structures or objects, or areas where other NPCs might not venture.

If you find any location missing on the map, pin-point it on the map and let us know.

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