Final Fantasy 13-2: Brain Blast Academy Headquarters Quiz

Find answers to all the questions you will be asked at Academy Headquarters terminal of Final Fantasy 13-2 in Brain Blast Quiz

City of Academia in Final Fantasy 13-2 has four quiz terminals where you can answer 10 consecutive questions correctly to win CP, Fragments and Treasure Box. This guide covers all Final Fantasy 13-2 Brain Blast Academy Headquarters Quiz Answers.

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Final Fantasy 13-2 Brain Blast Academy Headquarters Quiz Solution 

Q. During the Sanctum rule, the film ‘Free Will’ was banned due to a scene filled with what kind of questionable content?
A. Becoming a Cie’th by will

Q. How does Sazh refer to Lightning?
A. Lightning

Q. In Academia 4XX AF, what year’s fashion came back in style
A. 10 AF

Q. In the cop drama ‘Cactuar Files,’ what is the first line of the opening song?
A. A five-finger discount will result in a thousand needles

Q. In the hologram show ‘Tonberry’s Revenge,’ what is the first line of the ending song?
A. I’m coming for you; I’m getting my revenge

Q. In the popular holo-comic ”Bombtanian,’ what is the secret phrase used by the main character and his friends?
A. Sacrifice yourself to save others

Q. In the proverb, ‘One ??? is better than a million l’Cie,’ meaning one should take on a single task before taking on many, what goes in the blank?
A. Crystal

Q. In the song ‘Tiny Lulu,’ to which city did the little girl’s best friend move away?
A. Bodhum

Q. Lebreau is skilled in cooking and fighting. How does she train to be such a great warrior?
A. She works out using kitchen utensils

Q. Many chocobos participate in the chocobo races. Which of the following does not exist?
A. Thunder Chicken

Q. Many flan make up the enormous Royal Ripeness. Which does not make up part of this creature?
A. Elderly

Q. Sazh is best-known for his abilities as a pilot, but what is his former occupation?
A. Train conductor

Q. The Eden Literary Award is handed out only to those who make a positive impact on society. A. Rodrick won this award for which novel?
A. Secrets of the Crystals

Q. The extreme anti-Academy terrorists perform what action to get their point across?
A. Bombing invaluable ruins

Q. The game ‘Holostation’ has become a must-have for the female population of Academia. Why has it led to a declining birthrate?
A. You can make a virtual boyfriend

Q. The investigations around the mountain ranges of Gran Pulse revealed which children’s story to be true?
A. L’Cie Extermination Mountain

Q. The l’Cie incident that occurred before Cocoon fell is sometimes referred to as ‘Cocoon’s dusk,’ but is more commonly referred to by the media as what?
A. Sunset

Q. The weather controlling device in the Archylte Steppe can’t do which of the following?
A. Make it snow

Q. ‘The Yellow Bird’ is a story about a chocobo living on Gran Pulse. What is the name of the heroine?
A. Coco

Q. There is a certain stuffed animal sold only in Nautilus. What is the name of the creature that possessses a gem on its forehead?
A. Carbuncle

Q. What act performed by the comedian Fl-Fl-Flan got him booted off of every TV station?
A. Wanna touch my shaolong gui?

Q. What coat pattern does Serah’s cat Snow have?
A. Calico

Q. What color are Serah’s eyes?
A. Bluish

Q. What color were the orbs that appeared in Yaschas Massic 100 AF when a group of Academy staff members disappeared?
A. Red

Q. What company became famous for their sales copy ‘It’s moogle o’clock, it’s time to enjoy moogle bread’?
A. Stiltzkin’s Bakery

Q. What did Serah get Lightning for her birthday?
A. A knife

Q. What disparity, only noticeable by outsiders transferring in, was revealed in the tall-all book written by a disgruntled former Academy employee?
A. Treatment of subsidiary organization graduates

Q. What do you call an incompetent person who climbs the corporate ladder?
A. A cactuar

Q. What does Noel do best?
A. Hunt

Q. What does PSICOM stand for?
A. Public Safety and Intelligence Command

Q. What does Serah do for a living?
A. Teacher

Q. What flan is the same color as a rust pudding?
A. Ferruginous Pudding

Q. What hobby became popular among the feeble elderly who moved from Cocoon to Gran Pulse?
A. Gardening

Q. What is a newly hatched chocobo called?
A. Chocobo chick

Q. What is Hope’s surname?
A. Estheim

Q. What is Hope’s unparalleled attack?
A. Last Resort

Q. What is Lightning’s unparalleled attack?
A. Army of One

Q. What is one way Serah and Noel use Mog to retrieve treasure that’s out of reach?
A. They throw Mog at it

Q. What is Sazh’s unparalleled attack?
A. Cold Blood

Q. What is the bow used by hunters in the Steppe to protect themselves from wild animals?
A. Wild Chorus

Q. What is the famous line spoken by the famous actor who made it big in the show ‘Wild Rose’?
A. You’re from the rebel army!

Q. What is the name of Maqui’s shop?
A. Lenora’s Garage

Q. What is the name of the book of photographs shot by photographer Mich Rockfit during his numerous visits to New Bodhum?
A. Meowllow Days

Q. What is the name of the grand city built by the Academy?
A. Academia

Q. What is the name of the movie about the friendship of a boy and his bot?
A. ‘The Boy and His Bot’

Q. What is the name of the natural phenomenon also known as ‘Titan’s Curtain’ that occurs in the colder regions?
A. Northern lights

Q. What is the name of the tower built by the Academy in 13 AF?
A. Augusta Tower

Q. What is the tallest mountain on Gran Pulse?
A. Mt. Fairne

Q. What is Vanille’s unparalleled attack?
A. Death

Q. What sport is gaining popularity among the adventurous young residents living in the Steppe?
A. Ding dong ditch

Q. What vehicle is the most popular among 10-year-old boys everywhere?
A. Ciconia Velocycle

Q. What was the name of the gambler who won the most number of coins at the slot machines in a single day in the casino Serendipity?
A. Gabbiani

Q. What was the name of the popular game show where eliminated contestant would get pushed off the stage?
A. To the Underworld

Q. What was the official name of the stadium sold by Eden’s sports team due to financial trouble?
A. Potion Stadium

Q. What was the one famous dessert pastry chefs couldn’t make because the couldn’t get their hands on the creature?
A. Carmelized shaolong gui

Q. What was the war that broke out between Cocoon and Gran Pulse?
A. War of Transgression

Q. When Snow and Sereh got engaged, what did they buy together to show their love for another?
A. Necklaces

Q. When Storm Motors was in danger of getting bought out, which corporation swooped in to save the day?
A. Blue Unicorn Inc.

Q. Where is the one place Chocolina doesn’t open up shop?
A. Serendipity

Q. Where on Serah’s head is her side ponytail?
A. By her left ear

Q. Which creature moves with such grace and beauty that a dance was created mimicking its motion?
A. Stikini

Q. Which Eidolon is used by Vanille?
A. Hecatoncheir

Q. Which is not one of the Avademy guidelines for preserving the nature of Gran Pulse?
A. Nonviolence against monsters

Q. Which legendary flan has a pink tail?
A. Flan Princess

Q. Which monster dons colorful garb?
A. Apotamkin

Q. Which of the following are not found in Oerba?
A. People

Q. Which of the following has not been observed in Sunleth?
A. Gold Ore

Q. Which of the following is not a nickname for the jet used by the former Sanctum army?
A. Orion

Q. Which of the following is the Avademy not responsible for?
A. Running Serendipity

Q. Who has scored the most points and is known as the king of Cocoon’s Premium League?
A. Cazzaro ‘The King’ Mueller

Q. Who is not a part of Team NORA?
A. Cid

Q. Who is the brother of the children’s favorite superhero Ultima Ace?
A. Ultimabro

Q. Who is the mathematician behind Hart’s last theorem, the biggest breakthrough in mathematics since the birth of Cocoon?
A. Smith Hartford

Q. Why can’t Mog help Serah and Noel in Serendipity?
A. Mog is off playing on his own.

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