Final Fantasy 13-2 Fragments Locations Guide

Find all 160 Fragments in Final Fantasy 13-2 by discovering their locations through this guide to unlock Defragmented achievement or trophy.

You can unlock Defragmented achievement/trophy in Final Fantasy 13-2 by collecting 160 Fragments. Finding the Fragments might be tough but we have prepared a Final Fantasy 13-2 Fragments Locations guide to help.

Final Fantasy 13-2 Fragments Locations

It feels like an overwhelmingly difficult task but don’t worry, Historia Cruz will help you keep tabs on number of fragments you have collected and Blue Gates you have opened in each area.

We will also point-out fragment locations for each map in our upcoming guide series if this guide doesn’t help you. Our focus in this guide is to give you hints and let you explore the World of Final Fantasy instead of pin-pointing location of every fragment.

Historia Cruz will pin-point Blue Gates that are needed to be opened and you can open the Blue Gates by using Artifacts you will collect throughout the main story. You can refer to our Artifacts Locations guide to find all these artifacts required to open these blue-gates.

Your Moogle will also help you locate these fragments by shouting ‘KUPOPOPO~!!’ and flying towards the fragments whenever you are close to them.

There are several general rules that you need to remember when it comes to finding these Fragments. Look for them everywhere in the open; you will need Moogle Hunt, Moogle Throw or sometimes both for this. Look for them in treasure boxes and chests.

You will be rewarded with few fragments when you complete quests, defeat bosses, or help NPCs by completing side-quest. Always look for NPCs with ‘Speech Bubble’ above their head and talk to them. They may have a fragment mission for you. Some missions may require you to visit past, present and future so be ready for that.

Complete Time Labyrinth missions to get fragments as a reward. Oerba Village/Mt. Yaschas are an ideal place for you to look for such missions. It is no-brainer that you will need to explore almost every corner of Final Fantasy 13-2 if you want to collect these fragments.

If you are searching each location thoroughly, you should be able to collect around 120+ of these fragments easy, rest deserve a mention because they are difficult to locate. Most of these difficult to spot fragment missions are in City of Academia.

Note-worthy quests among these are 100% Enemy Report (requires you to engage every monster, around 200) and 100% Map Completion (requires you to discover all locations in each map). You can refer to our FF13-2 Side Quests Guide for more details on these quests.

Earning Fragments From Daddy Bear Quiz and Quiz Machines
You can get 9 fragments by playing mini-games in City of Academia AF4XX. Four of these fragments can be obtained from Quiz Machines and five from Daddy Bear, an NPC that requires Moogle Hunt to detect because it randomly teleports to any of the locations specified below if you fail or succeed in his quiz.

Most of his questions are about Final Fantasy 13-2 and Final Fantasy 13 but he can throw some general Final Fantasy questions as well.

If you are fan of the franchise you should be fine answering these questions but don’t worry if you aren’t, you have infinite tries to beat him. Add to that, these questions are pretty random and get repeated, just pay attention and remember your answer.

Only thing you should be concerned about is Finding Daddy Bear in City of Academia. In any case be it finding Daddy Bear or answering his questions, you can refer to our Daddy Bear Locations and Quiz Guide.

Paradox Endings
Watch every possible Paradox Ending in Final Fantasy 13-2 to earn 8 fragments. You can refer to our FF13-2 Paradox Endings Guide for more!

Serendipity Casino
You can earn five fragments in casino ‘Serendipity’. There is one fragment in the open by the Chocobo Racing Tent, rest can be bought.

Once you have ‘Chaos Crystal’ fragment, you should take it to ‘City of Academia AF4XX’. Talk to hope in orer to receive Futsuno Mitama and Take-Mikazuchi, Noel and Serah’s strongest weapons when maxed out at 160 fragments.

Futsuno Mitama and Take-Mikazuchi are fragment weapons and their stats depend on the number of fragments you have. You will get one of these weapons for free and have to buy the second for Casino Coins at Serendipity”.

Play Slot Machines and aim for 777 Jackpot to win final fragment in Serendipity. Use rubber-band to hold down and leave it overnight until Lucky Coin shows up. You may end up consuming several hours just to get this lucky coin or you may just get lucky and get it few minutes. For more help on mini-games, read our FF13-2 Mini-Games Guide.

Following is a run-down to all the fragments you can find in Final Fantasy 13-2.

New Bodhum, 003 AF
Gogmagog Fragment Alpha & Gogmagog Fragment Beta are found in the main Story and Graviton Core Alpha as a Story (Fetch Quest). The Heart Prism is obtained by a side quest.

New Bodhum, 700 AF
Cartesian Board & Laplacian Board are hidden, Noel’s message & Serah’s Message are obtained by Alternative history, whereas Hope’s Message is a treasure cube.

New Bodhum, Unknown Year
Vanille’s Fruit and Fang’s Crown are a Treasure Cube and Transcript: Fate and Freedom is obtained during the Paradox Ending.

New Bodhum, Unknown AF
The Transcript: Beneath a Timeless Sky is obtained during Paradox Ending.

Bresha Ruins, 300 AF
All of the following fragments are obtained from Side Quests:

  • Control Device Password 2
  • Iridium Ring
  • Platinum Ring
  • Mythril Ring

Yaschas Massif, 010 AF AF
The Aloedai Fragment is found in the story-line, whereas the following are obtained by Side Quests:

  • Pathos Jewel
  • Misery’s Bead
  • Amur’s Sphere
  • Innocence’s Sacred Sphere

Yaschas Massif, 01X AF
All of the following quests are obtained by Side Quests:

  • Gorgya Fragment
  • Orb of Clotho
  • Sword of Lachesis
  • Mirror of Atropos

Yaschas Massif, 100 AF
The Graviton Core Epsilon is obtained in the story (fetch quest), whereas the following are in a side quest:

  • Schwertleite’s Flower
  • Helmwige’s Night Shade
  • Siegrune’s Spiritbloom
  • Rosswisse Skyblossom
  • Book of Shambala
  • Book of Valhalla

Yaschas Massif, 110 AF
All of the following fragments are obtained during side quests:

  • Control Device Password 1
  • Ugallu Fragment
  • Waltraute’s Flower
  • Gerhilde’s Blossom
  • Ortlinde’s Bloom
  • Book of Avalon

Oerba, 200 AF
The Giant Egg is within the story, and the Graviton Core Gamma is obtained through a fetch quest, whereas the following are in the Temporal Rift:

  • Time’s Stardust
  • Time’s Shell
  • Ime’s Coral

Oerba, 300 AF
All of these are from the Temporal Rift:

  • Spinning Moonstone
  • Sparkling Runestone
  • Astonishing Limestone
  • Thrilling Milestone
  • Lovely Starstone
  • Bubbly Stone
  • Scorching Firestone
  • Dewy Bloodstone
  • Mossy Rosetta Stone

Go to next page for the list of remaining fragments.

Oerba, 400 AF
The Graviton Core Zeta is in the story (as a Fetch Quest), whereas the following belong to the Temporal Rift:

  • Bittersweet Chiffon
  • Temulous Muffin
  • Beloved Cinnamon
  • Selfish Pancake
  • Farewell Madeleine
  • Teatime Mont Blanc
  • Dishonest Mille-Feuille
  • Pink Parfait

Oerba, ? AF
The Transcript (Vanille’s Youth) is obtained from the Paradox Ending.

Sunleith Waterscape, 300 AF
The Exraordinary Egg is hidden, and the Mutantomato Fragment is obtained from the Story.

Sunleth Waterscape, 400 AF
Graviton Core Eta is in the story as Fetch Quest, whereas the following are obtained from the side quests:

  • Miniflan Fragment
  • Lapis Lazuli
  • Heliodor Ore
  • Carnelian
  • Celestine
  • Cosmo Aura

Sunleth Waterscape, > AF
The Transcript Mog’s Marvellous Flan Plan is obtained from the Paradox Ending.

Coliseum, Year Unknown
The White Hole Gem is in the main story.

The Archylte Steppe, Year Unknown
Long Gui Fragment is obtained after defeating Long Gui, whereas the Black Hole Gem and Goblin Fragment are the part of the STORY. The following are obtained by Side Quests:

  • Fragment of Invincibility
  • Ochu Fragment
  • Yomi Fragment
  • Wooly Stone
  • Crimson Crystal
  • Azure Crystal
  • Forest Crystal
  • Amber Crystal
  • Violet Crystal

The Archylte Steppe, ? AF
The Transcript (A Giant Mistake) is obtained from the Paradox Ending.

Serendipity, Year Unknwon
The following are obtained as a Prize:

  • Chaos Crystal
  • Setzer’s Dice
  • Chocochick Down
  • Lucky Coin
  • Priceless Gift

Academia, 400 AF
Zenobia Fragment and Graviton Core Delta are obtained during the story. The Academic Rank (Paradox Professor) is obtained by the All Maps Completed Reward and the following are obtained by the Completed Map Reward:

  • Travel Guide: New Bodhum
  • Travel Guide: Bresha Ruins
  • Travel Gudie: Yaschas Massif
  • Travel Guide: Oerba
  • Travel guide: Sunleth Waterscape
  • Travel Guide: Academia
  • Travel Guide: Augusta Tower
  • Travel Guide: Vile Peaks
  • Travel Guide: Archelyte Steppe
  • Travel Guide: A dying world

Academia, 400s AF
Academic Rank (Monster Professor) comes by the Beastiary Reward, the Transcript (The Future) is obtained by the Paradox Ending, whereas the following are Quiz Rewards:

  • Quiz Rank: Private
  • Quiz Rank: Sergeant
  • Quiz Rank: Colonel
  • Quiz Rank: Lieutenant
  • Quiz Rank: General

Quiz Terminal Reward:

  • Stoic Virtue
  • Epicurean Song
  • Lyceum Knowledge
  • Academia Wisdom

Academia, 500 AF
Paradox Scope is obtained by beating the final boss (story, whereas the Amethyst and Luvlite is with-in the story.

Augusta Tower, 200 AF
Proto Fal’Cie Adam Fragment is obtained with-in the story, whereas the following are from the side quests:

  • Idea Circuit
  • Enigma Codex
  • Difference Engine

Augusta Tower, 300 AF
Entropy Board is obtained from the Story.

Augusta Tower, ? AF
The Transcript (Test Subjects) is obtained from the Paradox Ending.

Vile Peaks, 010 AF
All of the following are found in the side-quests:

  • Twilight Fragment Alpha
  • Baxter’s Last Light
  • Ray’s Last Light
  • Sarge’s Last Light

Vile Peaks, 200 AF
All of the fragments are found during the side quests:

  • Falcon’s Compass
  • Twilight Fragment Beta
  • Torreno’s Last Night
  • Falcon’s Last Night
  • Thunder’s Last Night
  • Blitz Squadron Mission Report
  • Words of Light
  • Father’s Song

A Dying World, 700 AF
Gogmagog Fragment Gamma is obtained during the story. Ultima, Omega and Chaos Brands are found in the Treasure Cube.

A Dying World, ?? AF
The Transcript (Heir to Chaos) is found with-in the Paradox Ending.

The Void Beyond, Unknown Year
These fragments are found during the story-line:

  • Etro’s Sorrow
  • Pulse’s Resolution
  • Lindzei’s Desire
  • Mwynn’s Tenderness
  • Bhunivelze’s Sleep

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