Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom Lurelin Village Restoration Project Quest Guide

Run some errands and do manual labor to help Bolson restore Lurelin to its former glory.

Lurelin Village Restoration Project is a massive side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom that will see the hero of Hyrule fixing houses and roofs. As the pirates are defeated in Lurelin Village, the villagers will start to return only to find their homes and businesses being demolished. It now comes down to Bolson and you to fix everything for some sweet rewards.

The Lurelin Restoration Project quest can only be started after completing the Ruffian-Infested Village quest. Once you clear Lurelin Village of Monster forces, talk to Bolson at the shore (2874, -3443, 0000).

He is in charge of restoring Lurelin Village to its former glory. Talking to Bolson will start the quest and add it to your quest log.

Collect Wooden Logs and Hylian Rice

Bolson will ask you to find him 15 Tree Logs and 20 bundles of Hylian Rice. He will specifically mention not to chop palm trees in Lurelin Village as they won’t count towards the logs required.

The easiest way to collect logs is to fast travel to Sifumim Shrine, northeast of Lurelin Village. There is a small forest behind it that contains six trees. Cut down these trees with a sword and attach their logs with Ultrahand.

It is a short hike from there to Lurelin Village. Drop these logs near Bolson, and he will add them to the total. You can also find two more logs in the sea right next to Bolson. Give them to Bolson to increase your tally to eight.

To wait for the next batch of trees to grow, collect Hylian Rice. You can purchase a few bundles from the general store in Lookout Landing. You can also visit the East Wind grocery store in Hateno Village and purchase Hylian Rice from there.

Talk to Beedle at various stables about purchasing Hylian Rice from him. If you don’t feel like spending money on rice, you can cut grass to randomly obtain Hylian Rice, making the whole process unnecessarily difficult.

Return to Bolson and give him Hylian Rice bundles. He will count it towards the total you need. Collect the remaining tree logs and then go on a shopping spree for Hylian Rice.

Once you give Bolson 15 Tree logs and 20 Hylian Rice bundles, he will immediately get to the restoration project. But your journey doesn’t end here. The next phase of the Lurelin Restoration Project quest starts now in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Bolson will ask you to help fix three establishments and two houses in Lurelin Village. While you can start in any order, we recommend going with the establishments first, as they give decent rewards.

Fix the Lurelin Village’s Inn

The inn of Lurelin Village is built inside a ship. When the monsters took over the village, they filled it with water and debris. Your task is to remove the debris from the water.

Climb the Inn walls to locate debris floating inside it. There is one log, two planks, and two rods. The rods are submerged in the water.

Pick up the log with Ultrahand and rotate it vertically. Lower it inside the water and attach both rods to it. Drag the debris and drop it outside the ship. Repeat the process with the planks.

Once you remove all the debris, a cutscene will play, and Bolson will fix the inn. He will reward you with 5x Voltfruits for your help.

Fix the Lurelin Village’s Restaurant

The next establishment on our agenda is the restaurant. The objective here is to fix its central pillar with the help of a palm tree log.

You will notice a circular ring in the center of the restaurant. This is where you need to put the palm tree log. Before you proceed, remove three boxes that are placed beneath the ring.

Stack them on top of each other so that you can climb them. Place them outside the restaurant, and go cut a palm tree. Take its log and place it near the boxes.

Now, climb the boxes and pick up the tree log. Rotate it vertically with the help of Ultrahand and pass it through the ring. This will trigger another cutscene, and Bolson will fix the rest of the establishment. He will reward you with a Tough Seafood Fried Rice.

Fix the Lucky Treasure Shop

Talk to Bolson once more, and this time, select Lucky Treasure Shop. This shop is the shape of a boat, and its central pillar needs fixing, just like the restaurant.

Cut a palm tree nearby and pick up its log with Ultrahand. Rotate the log horizontally and place it on top of the establishment. Now, climb the shop by using the Ascend ability.

Once you reach its top, pick up the log and rotate it vertically. Pass the log through the ring to act as a central support. Once you are done, a cutscene will trigger, during which Bolson will fix the rest of the establishment.

You will get 5x Bomb Flowers as a reward from Bolson.

Fix Lurelin Village Head’s House

Once you have fixed the establishments of Lurelin Village, it is time to move on to the houses. The first house that needs to be fixed is the Village Head’s house.

Fixing this house is the same as the previous two establishments. You need to pass a Palm Tree log through a ring to act as central support. There is a box placed over the ring blocking the path.

Use Ultrahand to remove the block from the top of the ring. Cut a nearby palm tree and pick up its log. Rotate it vertically with Ultrahand and pass it through the ring. Ensure the thick part of the log is at the bottom and goes through the hole in the floor.

Once you are done, a cutscene will trigger, and Bolson will fix the rest of the Village Head’s house. You will get 3x Armored Porgies as a reward for your help.

Fix Armes’ House

The final building that you need to fix is Armes’s House. Talk to Bolson once more about starting this project.

Fixing this house is the easiest one yet. All you need to do is cut a palm tree and use its log to pass through the hole in the roof and the floor.

Ensure that the tree log’s thick part is towards the ground. You can climb the cliffs at the back of Armes’ House to easily complete this task.

Once done, a cutscene will trigger, and Bolson will fix the rest of the house. He will reward you with a Purple Rupee (50 Rupees).

Join the Festivities

The village elder, Rozel, will personally thank you and ask you to join the feast to celebrate the restoration of Lurelin Village. During the feast, he will declare you the true hero and savior of Lurelin Village, and the Lurelin Village Restoration Project quest will come to an end on a high note in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Quest Rewards

While there is no specific reward for completing this side quest, you will obtain a lot of goodies by fixing the buildings in Lurelin Village. Once you restore the village, you can use its Inn to rest for free whenever you want.

You can also eat at the restaurant for free, and the shopkeepers will offer you goods at no cost. This is as good as any reward can get.

Many other side activities and quests will become available, including the A Way to Trade, Washed Away side quest.

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