Zelda: Breath Of The Wild Leviathan Bones Quest Guide

Zelda Breath of the Wild Levithan Bones side quest asks you to find ancient leviathan skeletons and we are here to help with that.

One of the numerous side quests in Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Leviathan Bones quest tasks players with helping out some scientists figure out secrets behind leviathans’ extinction. You will have probably already spotted some giant skeletons across Hyrule and those skeletons are actually of the leviathan’s in question.

To start the Zelda Breath of the Wild Leviathan Bones side quest, go to the Serenne Stable on the Salari Plains. You can get there with ease via Ridgeland Tower. Once you have reached there, talk to the three guys outside the stable. Talk to any of the three guys and they will give you the side quest.

How to complete Zelda Breath of the Wild Leviathan Bones side quest

Your objective in the Leviathan Bones side quest in Zelda BOTW is to take some pictures with your camera of leviathan bones in three different locations. Sounds simple enough as long as you know where the leviathan bones in Zelda BOTW are.

Below we have mentioned all the great skeleton locations

Gerudo Town Leviathan Bones

Fast travel to Daqo Chisay Shrine in Gerudo Town. Find the area on the map labeled “The Great Gerudo Skeleton”. Move around the leviathan skeleton and take a picture from an angle so that its head is clear.

breath of the wild gerudo town leviathan bones

Where is Eldin Great Skeleton

The Eldin Great skeleton is found in the Eldin Mountains, northwest of Death Mountain in the north of the Hyrule map. Another way to get there is to move north from Goron City till you see the massive skeleton.


You can see the Eldin Leviathan skeleton clearly on the map. The head of this skeleton is massive. So, take the picture from a distance so that its whole head fits clearly into the frame.

As the image shows below, the Eldin Great skeleton in Zelda BOTW belongs to the leviathan of the volcano region.

breath of the wild eldin mountain leviathan bones

Hebra North Summit Leviathan Bones

You will find the last leviathan skeleton in Zelda BOTW on the Hebra North Summit on the northwest of the map. Go to the exact location as shown in this picture.

Before you go there, take some winter clothes and food with you as it will be cold here. Once you are ready, reach the destination.

The blue square you see on the map is water and in front of that is a door that is unlocked. Just behind the water is a cliff.

On that cliff, make a frozen pillar to fill the hole in the cliff. Climb some distance behind the cliff Now you have to pick up a big snowball and roll it down towards the frozen pillar. The ball will pass the pillar and will strike the door open.

Head inside the door and take the picture of the head of the leviathan skeleton.

Now go back to the Serenne Stable and talk to the guys. Show them the pictures of leviathans. They will give you 300 Rupees as a reward and your Breath of the Wild Levithan Bones quest will be completed.

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