Breath Of The Wild Eighth Heroine Side Quest Get to Get Sand Boots

The Zelda Breath of the Wild, Eighth Heroine, is among the other 75 Side Quests, and it rewards players with Snow Boots and Sand Boots ...

Zelda Breath of the Wild allows players to upgrade and improve their armor and clothing by completing certain side quests. The Zelda Breath of the Wild, Eighth Heroine, is among the other 75 Side Quests, and it rewards players with Snow Boots and Sand Boots upon its completion.

Both clothing items are extremely useful while traversing through the Gerudo Desert, a mix of sandy and snowy land conditions in Zelda BOTW.

How to unlock the Eighth Heroine side quest

In order to get this side quest, you need to speak to the Hylian man Bozai. The spot for meeting him is near the Daqo Chisay Shrine in Gerudo Town. Fast-travel to the shrine and see Bozai roaming around in the desert.

Starting a chat with him will initiate the 8th Heroine quest in Zelda BOTW.

Note: Make sure you have the Gerudo Outfit before talking to Bozai. This will make you look like a pretty desert woman Bozai will try flirting with. Additionally, you must possess the Sheikah Slate, as it will act as a camera.

At first, Bozai informs you about the 8th Heroine and that he will only exchange the Sand Boots after you bring him the heroine statue picture. Moreover, he gives you Snow Boots to help you travel through the deep snowy paths ahead.


Where is Eighth Heroine Location?

Traveling to the Gerudo Highlands would best capture the 8th Heroine’s picture. The fastest (and the simplest) way is to travel fast to the Kuh Takkar Shrine, the nearest place to the statue. (Or else your way to the Gerudo Highlands will be much longer and tougher).

Do consider keeping cold-resistant armor as well as food to survive the cold. Additionally, do not forget to equip yourself with Fire based weapons such as the Fire Arrows, as the adversaries you may encounter will be vulnerable to these weapons.

The exact location of the 8th Heroine Statue in Zelda Breath of the Wild is Risoka Snowfield, situated in the northwest part of Gerudo Highlands. Once you have reached the point, your destination will be below your standing position.

You can then deploy your paraglider and fly to land in the Hands of the Eighth Heroine’s Statue. This will give a clear line of sight and an angle for taking the picture. The red exclamation mark (!) indicates that you have captured it right.

Rewards for Eighth Heroine Side Quest

After capturing, head back to Bozai and show him the picture. He will be amazed to know everything he discussed was real and not a myth. He will then give you Sand Boots in Zelda Breath of the Wild which is a very useful item to have in Gerudo region.

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