Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Leishi Boss Guide

Leishi in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is an enemy boss who appears like a weird massive creature with a beak, wings, and bird legs...

Leishi in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is an enemy boss who appears like a weird massive creature with a beak, wings, and bird legs. To encounter this boss, you must progress to the Legend of the Thunder God side mission. Fighting with Leishi appears to be challenging initially, but you’ll learn his attack patterns very quickly; thus, it will soon be comparatively easier for you.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty’s Leishi, like Zhang Liao, can call down the lighting in his arena. The only cute thing players will see during the battle with Leishi is a drumstick that Leishi is holding in his right hand and a Drum in his left. However, they, too, will appear ugly to you once they have given you the damage.

In this Wo Long Fallen Dynasty guide, we will discuss the boss fight with Leishi. Here you’ll get detailed info on Leishi’s attack patterns and how to counterattack and defeat him to obtain the rewards.

Leishi’s attacks

Leishi’s attacks are primarily short-range melee attacks. In most of his attacks, he uses his strange weapon, which is not seen anywhere in the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty. As the battle begins, he will start with the spinning blows. For this, he first winds up the weapon and then spins twice, targeting you.

He will also use his mallet to do 3 simultaneous slams after the spin. The mallet spins will continue, so watch out for them. This is not all; he also uses his claws as he has birdy legs.

Leishi first swings 360 degrees, and then claw slashes toward you. Then he will end this with a mallet swing, his final attack.

How to defeat Leishi in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Leishi looks like a giant bi-pedal boar who is carrying drums. If you are familiar with Raijin then Leishi will feel Wo Long’s version of that. A giant monster carrying drums that it can use to call down thunder strikes.

Fighting and defeating Leishi in Wo Long is easier as compared with Zhang Liao and Dong Zhuo. The success in this battle depends on how well you can dodge his attacks. Besides this, you can use a lighting weapon to light up your weapon and increase the damage toward Leish.

As you reach Leishi’s location, there will be a cutscene, after which Leishi will be right in front of you. Right after the cutscene ends, Leishi will counterattack and perform spinning blows. Make sure to move back after landing a few hits before you get caught up in its spinning attacks.

After this, Leishi uses his mallet and slams consecutive hits. This will be his fastest attack, and you can avoid the damage by dodging them.

You are also advised to keep some distance from Leishi as it will perform these slams again after a short gap, and the timings will surprise you.

Leishi will then perform combo attacks to reduce the gap between the two of you. However, they can be identified too, as they aren’t so fast, so you can keep some distance, reposition yourself, and then attack him from that position.

During the fight against Leishi in Wo Long, you should make good use of Martial Arts and Wizardry Spells whenever you can use them. Treating him with a fatal strike will give him a lot of damage.

The key to surviving the fight against Leishi is to always be on the defensive when he starts his slam attacks to close the distance between you both. As long as you don’t try to be greedy, whenever his combos end you will have a decent window to land a few hits and increase his negative spirit gauge.

Maxing out his orange spirit gauge 2-3 times will be enough to defeat Leishi in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.