How To Dodge And Deflect In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

The key to success in the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is mastering the ability to dodge and deflect attacks which is what we are here to help with.

The key to success in the Wo long Fallen Dynasty is mastering the ability to dodge and deflect incoming attacks. This may sound simple, but it is challenging since the enemies have different attack ranges and types. You must work on the timing to make your dodging and deflecting perfect in the game. We will help you with the controls of these dodge mechanics and how to use them perfectly to deflect in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

Mastering Wo Long Fallen Dynasty deflect mechanics

Dodging and deflecting attacks in Wo Long are tied to each other similar to blocking and parrying attacks are in typical Soulsborne games. As the name suggests, dodge simply allows you to roll out of an attack’s path while deflect allows you to follow up with a free attack of your own.

If you are playing Wo Long Fallen Dynasty with an Xbox controller, you must use the B to dodge enemies’ attacks. While on the other hand, PlayStation players can use the Circle (o) button on the control to use the dodge mechanic. Dodging is vital to the game as it lets you quickly escape opponents and not get hit.

In order to dodge, you must double tap the dodge key, or double tap and move your Left stick in the direction you want to dodge.

To perform a deflect, you must wait until an enemy gets close to you. When an enemy is about to hit you, press the Dodge button to perform deflect. Keep in mind that Deflect is done with a single press of the button while Dodge is done with a double tap.

Executing a Deflect during a battle is a vital part of the game, but timing is crucial. Look closely at the enemy’s animation. Press the button to deflect an attack as soon as it’s about to connect with you.

Don’t rely solely on practice and gut instinct, though. You must be aware of the attacks you’ll face in any fight. This will significantly increase your chances of a successful counterattack. With that in mind, you must learn what specific moves specific opponents use.

Even though all of your enemies will have different attacks, one is common among them. That is their Critical Attack, in which the enemy will glow red. Deflecting this critical attack is extremely important to defeating bosses and other dangerous enemies.

How does deflect difficulty work?

In the Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, the Sprint Gauge of the weapon will get affected by the Deflect Difficulty rating. Some weapons will help you restore Sprint Gauge after deflecting an attack, so your weapons choice will matter a lot.

Remember, if you press the dodge button too much, your spirit gauge will get empty (the orange bar will fill up. The enemy will be able to stun you with a basic hit after that. The same also holds true for your attacks. Forcing the enemy to constantly block will fill up their orange bar and stun them.

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