Wo Long Fallen Dynasty Dong Zhuo Boss Guide

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty’s Dong Zhuo is an aggressive boss with a long spear that players will encounter during the Tyrant’s Final Banquet mission. Despite using a spear, he has some ranged tricks up his sleeve that you need to be aware of before you consider defeating Dong Zhuo in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

Dong Zhuo’s attacks

Dong Zhuo rarely gives players time to back off or rest and launches all his attacks quickly, one after another. Therefore the one thing players need to do during this boss fight is to try to be as closer to him as possible to deflect his attack, then perform a few hits and back off.

As the boss fight starts, a couple of knives will be thrown at you; therefore, players here must be aware. It’s better to hold a block button during the beginning of this battle, as it will help you take less damage from the knives.

However, as the fight starts, Dong Zhuo will perform several attacks on you. Most of his attacks are related to his long spear. The pro tip for players is to stay close to Dong Zhuo so you can block and dodge his attacks. The blockable attacks include the spear stab, jumping spear attack, and the basic spear attack.

Other than these, there are a few attacks he will perform which are unblockable, but these are few. Therefore, players shouldn’t worry about them a lot. These attacks include Jumping spinning spear attacks in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

How to defeat Dong Zhuo in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

The primary key to defeating Dong Zhuo in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is dodging and parrying his attacks. Dong Zhuo, as he gets attacked by you, will lose his blue spirit, which he gets after hitting you; therefore, always be ready to dodge.

Most of the time, Dong Zhuo ends the combos by hitting the players. If you dodge or block the hit, you can blow strong hits on him and make him lose his spirit gauge. Sometimes, he also thrusts his spear at the end of the combo. This can let you deal him considerable damage and reduce his spirit gauge.

As Dong Zhuo attacks you, his spirit gauge will keep on increasing. Here you’ll need to dodge all his attacks; if not, then at least dodge these attacks.

The fight with Dong Zhuo in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty requires players to balance their regular attacks, which they hit on Dong Zhuo and parry. The proper use of both will help you keep the spirit up.

To defeat Dong Zhuo, you’ll need to take notice of all the openings and then take advantage of these openings. As you see the opening, use the elemental effect on your weapon. When this weapon is used over Dong Zhuo, he will get stunned for some time.

Another essential thing in this fight is the proper use of spirit attacks. Dong Zhuo will produce a shockwave as you use your spirit attack. Parrying this wave gives you a few seconds to hit Dong Zhuo.

Once this time ends, he will throw his spear toward you, but that’s not something to worry about, as, by this time, you’ll have learned how to dodge these silly spear attacks.

Dong Zhuo blows are the last and most important thing you must know about this battle. These are the ones that will decide who will win the battle; therefore, players need to be cautious with them. Through his critical blow, Dong Zhuo can reduce your half-life in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

He does this with an energy short that has his blade. Here the only thing that can save you is a timely dodge. Fortunately, during the last critical blow, the most dangerous one, Dong Zhuo turns red before throwing it at you, giving you ample time to get ready with parry.

This was about Dong Zhuo’s fight. Keep hitting this huge boss, and be aware of the critical blows.