How To Learn Wizardry Spells In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Most of you might have discovered Wo Long Fallen Dynasty wizardry spells but are confused about their system. You don't have to worry as we...

Like other soulsborne genre titles, Wo Long also allows players to use magic to some extent. This magic exists in the form of Wizadry spells in Wo Long. Most of you might have discovered Wo Long Fallen Dynasty wizardry spells but are confused about their system and the requirements of unlocking and using magic in the game.

How to unlock Wizardry Spells in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty doesn’t give you early access to learning Wizardry Spells. The game features five virtues which basically act as stats. You must attain a specific level in any five virtues to unlock the spells feature. Virtue and spells are connected. These spells give unique abilities to a player in the game.

After getting to a particular level in any of the five Virtues, interact with a Battle Flag to unlock the Wizardry Spells. Once you have the option unlocked, click on it to see the option to learn and set the spells in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

Learning the Wizardry spells in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is pretty simple. But let’s first know how this system works. In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, to level up in your virtue, you will need Qi. You can get Qi by defeating enemies.

Remember that you will lose Qi after dying. To get it back, you have to kill the opponent who kills you. When you get enough Qi, you can spend it on any of the five virtues. As you progress in the game, your Qiand virtue level rise.

Leveling up your virtues does many things; no matter how and in which virtue you do it, you will get maximum health. Every few levels you gain in virtues also grants you a Wizardry Point. There are five paths for learning Wizardry in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

When you get a wizardry point, you can spend it on a spell on any 5 of the wizardry path. Once the spell is unlocked, you can use it by setting it on your keyboard.

How to use spells in Wo Long

Once you have unlocked some Wizardry spells, you can program or set it on your keyboard or a controller. Doing this is pretty simple; you have to click the Set Wizardry Spell. After that, select four buttons on which you want to set the spells, and you are good to go.

To use a spell in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty, press the button you have set the spell on either on a keyboard or a controller. But you must know the game will become easy if you use a spell. To make the game challenging, the game developers have put two requirements for each spell to be used.

So, unlocking them isn’t the only thing you have to do. The first one is the requirement for your level in its respective virtue. You must also be a higher level in the fire to use a higher-level fire spell. Second, you should have a high enough morale to use a spell.

Morale is the number above your health bar that goes up when you defeat an enemy. Each spell has a morale rank requirement. So even if you have learned a spell, you will be unavailable to use that spell until you raise your morale during that mission.

Each spell you use also consumes spirit; if the spirit is too much in the negative, you can’t use the spell in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

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