How Does The Spirit System Work In Wo Long Fallen Dynasty

The first thing to know as a beginner in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is that all of its combat is centered around Spirit...

The first thing to know as a beginner in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty is that all of its combat is centered around Spirit. You must know how to use it. You gain Spirit as you hit the enemy and lose it as the enemy hits you, etc. Managing Wo Long Fallen Dynasty spirit gauge is crucial for success in this game.

In this guide, we shall walk you through everything you should know about the Spirit and the Spirit gauge and how it plays a role in combat.

Wo Long Fallen Dynasty spirit attacks and gauge explained

It is best to think of Spirit as a combination of stamina and mana. You can utilize this to cast spells, and you can use it to dodge attacks, etc. Therefore, we can say that Spirit acts just as a resource that you need for doing different things in Wo Long Fallen Dynasty.

You will be able to see the Spirit Gauge right under the green Health Bar. This Gauge determines the level (positive or negative) of your Spirit. The positive side of the Bar is filled with blue color, while the negative part of the Bar is shown with Orange color.

How to gain Spirit

To get into the nitty gritty of how Spirit works, you first must know how to gain Spirit. You can do this by:

This will increase your Spirit, giving you more resources to dodge and help to cast spells, etc. Additionally, if you are on the negative side of your spirit status bar, waiting a certain amount of time and not engaging in the fight will cause your Spirit to return to zero or neutral.

Keep in mind that if your spirit gauge is completely towards the negative side, one basic hit from an enemy can stun you. So you need to ensure a balance in order to survive.

How do you lose Spirit

You lose Spirit in Wo Long when you:

  • Take substantial damage from enemies.
  • Dodge or block a heavy attack  
  • Perform a spirit attack
  • Use martial arts or Cast a spell.

What this means is that you can’t just casually throw spells, as eventually, you will run out of Spirit, and then you have to wait for it to come again for usage. You will have to be patient and wise enough to cast another spell.

Similarly, if you want to use martial arts, you cannot just use several in a row and make the enemies stagger indefinitely. You have to wait to recover some spirit before casting another one.

Finding the balance between attacking with regular attacks, deflecting attacks, and then using your martial arts and your spells, etc. is a big part of getting success in the fights of this game.

The Spirit System of the enemies works the same as yours. When a player or enemy reaches the lower limit of their spirit gauge and takes a hit, they get staggered and become vulnerable to a fatal strike.

Your primary goal with bosses in this game is to lower their spirit gauge to this point so that you can do fatal strikes on them. That is the best way to deal considerable damage to them. Moreover, if you are playing PvP, you can do the same with another player.

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